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54265 BSB SLN PASS Running status

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Varanasi Jn-BSB
EExpected16:15 22 Apr 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Varanasi Jn16:15Right TimeYet to start
2Shiupur16:2616:27Right Time5 km
3Birapatti16:3516:36Right Time12 km
4Babatpur16:4316:44Right Time18 km
5Pindra Road16:5116:52Right Time23 km
6Khalispur16:5816:59Right Time27 km
7Trilochan Mahadeo17:0617:07Right Time33 km
8Jalalganj17:1417:15Right Time39 km
9Sarkoni17:2217:23Right Time45 km
10Zafarabad Jn17:3417:35Right Time51 km
11Jaunpur City17:4617:47Right Time57 km
12Bakhsha17:5817:59Right Time69 km
13Sarai Harkhu18:0718:08Right Time77 km
14Sri Krishna Nagar18:1718:18Right Time85 km
15Harpalganj18:2718:28Right Time93 km
16Koiripur18:3518:36Right Time104 km
17Maharani Pachchim18:4118:42Right Time113 km
18Lambhua19:0019:01Right Time121 km
19Bhadaiyan19:0819:09Right Time128 km
20Pakhrauli19:1619:17Right Time134 km
21Sultanpur Jn20:10Right Time143 km