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54304 KLK DLI PASS Running status

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EExpected07:05 22 Apr 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Kalka07:05Right TimeYet to start
2Chandi Mandir07:2007:22Right Time23 km
3Chandigarh07:5007:52Right Time37 km
4Ghagghar08:1008:12Right Time53 km
5Dapper08:2808:30Right Time70 km
6Lalru08:3508:37Right Time77 km
7Dhulkot08:4608:48Right Time92 km
8Ambala Cant Jn09:1309:30Right Time104 km
9Dukheri09:4009:41Right Time112 km
10Kesri09:4809:49Right Time117 km
11Tandwal09:5609:58Right Time124 km
12Barara10:0410:05Right Time129 km
13Mustafabad10:1510:16Right Time138 km
14Darazpur10:2510:26Right Time146 km
15Jagadhri Workshop10:3310:34Right Time150 km
16Yamunanagar Jagadhri10:4310:45Right Time155 km
17Kalanour11:0711:08Right Time162 km
18Sarsawa11:1911:20Right Time172 km
19Pilkhani11:3311:34Right Time178 km
20Saharanpur12:4013:40Right Time185 km
21Tapri Jn13:5413:55Right Time192 km
22Nagal14:0514:06Right Time202 km
23Talheri Bazurg14:1514:16Right Time210 km
24Deoband14:2414:26Right Time220 km
25Rohana Kalan14:3814:39Right Time231 km
26Bamanheri14:4814:49Right Time239 km
27Muzaffarnagar15:2815:30Right Time243 km
28Jarauda Nara15:4315:44Right Time251 km
29Mansurpur15:5015:51Right Time256 km
30Khatauli16:0116:02Right Time266 km
31Sakhoti Tanda16:1016:11Right Time275 km
32Daurala16:2016:21Right Time283 km
33Pabli Khas16:2916:30Right Time290 km
34Meerut Cant16:3616:38Right Time295 km
35Meerut City Jn17:0017:35Right Time299 km
36Partapur17:4317:44Right Time306 km
37Mohiuddinpur17:5117:52Right Time311 km
38Modinagar17:5918:00Right Time319 km
39Muradnagar18:1018:11Right Time328 km
40Duhai18:1918:20Right Time333 km
41Guldhar18:2518:26Right Time336 km
42Naya Ghaziabad18:3318:34Right Time340 km
43Ghaziabad18:5318:55Right Time346 km
44Sahibabad19:0519:06Right Time353 km
45Vivek Vihar19:1119:12Right Time358 km
46Delhi Shahdara19:1619:18Right Time360 km
47Delhi19:40Right Time366 km