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54325 SPC CNB PASS Running status

Departure11:00 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated11 Dec 2018 10:15
1Sitapur City11:00Right TimeYet to start
2Ramkot11:1611:18Right Time12 km
3Burmi H11:3111:32Right Time19 km
4Misrikh Tirath11:3811:43Right Time24 km
5Ghori H11:5711:58Right Time29 km
6Naimisharanya12:1512:20Right Time34 km
7Beniganj12:3312:35Right Time41 km
8Atwa Muthia H12:4512:46Right Time47 km
9Arseni12:5412:55Right Time50 km
10Gaju H13:0413:05Right Time55 km
11Balamau Jn14:0015:05Right Time60 km
12Ghausganj15:2815:29Right Time68 km
13Atwa Kursath15:3715:38Right Time72 km
14Gauntra15:4815:49Right Time77 km
15Madhoganj16:0316:05Right Time82 km
16Farhantnagar16:1616:17Right Time89 km
17Mallanwan16:2216:27Right Time93 km
18Ganj Muradabad16:4316:44Right Time102 km
19Bangarmau17:0517:10Right Time110 km
20Fatehpur Chaurasi17:2917:30Right Time122 km
21Ugu17:3917:40Right Time127 km
22Safipur17:5517:56Right Time132 km
23Baradev18:0418:05Right Time135 km
24Methi Tikur18:1318:14Right Time141 km
25Makhi18:2518:26Right Time148 km
26Patiyara18:3318:34Right Time151 km
27Unnao Jn19:2919:31Right Time160 km
28Magarwara19:4219:43Right Time166 km
29Kanpur Bridge Rb19:5119:52Right Time173 km
30Kanpur Central20:05Right Time177 km