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54336 CNB BLM PASS Running status

Departure14:40 Right Time
Platform 9
Yet to start
Updated12 Nov 2018 10:15
1Kanpur Central14:40Right TimeYet to start
2Kanpur Bridge Rb14:5014:51Right Time4 km
3Magarwara15:0015:01Right Time11 km
4Unnao Jn15:2015:25Right Time17 km
5Patiyara15:3415:35Right Time26 km
6Makhi15:4115:43Right Time29 km
7Methi Tikur15:5415:55Right Time36 km
8Baradev16:0316:04Right Time41 km
9Safipur16:1516:17Right Time45 km
10Ugu16:2616:27Right Time49 km
11Fatehpur Chaurasi16:3516:36Right Time55 km
12Bangarmau17:0017:15Right Time67 km
13Ganj Muradabad17:2517:26Right Time75 km
14Mallanwan17:3517:40Right Time84 km
15Farhantnagar17:5317:54Right Time88 km
16Madhoganj18:0818:10Right Time94 km
17Gauntra18:2018:21Right Time100 km
18Atwa Kursath18:3018:31Right Time105 km
19Ghausganj18:3918:40Right Time109 km
20Balamau Jn19:15Right Time117 km