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54353 ALJN BE PASS Running status

Departure17:45 Right Time
Platform 2
Yet to start
Updated13 Oct 2018 2:15
1Aligarh Jn17:45Right TimeYet to start
2Manzoorgarhi17:5918:01Right Time9 km
3Harduaganj18:0818:10Right Time14 km
4Sunmai H18:1818:19Right Time18 km
5Godha18:2618:27Right Time23 km
6Atrauli Road18:3618:37Right Time29 km
7Dharampur H18:4618:47Right Time36 km
8Dibai18:5618:57Right Time43 km
9Rajghat Narora19:0619:07Right Time49 km
10Babrala19:2619:28Right Time55 km
11Bhakrauli19:4019:41Right Time62 km
12Dhanari19:4919:51Right Time68 km
13Bahjoi20:1320:15Right Time82 km
14Chandausi Jn20:4720:52Right Time99 km
15Asafpur21:1521:17Right Time112 km
16Dabtara21:3621:38Right Time123 km
17Karengi21:4621:48Right Time128 km
18Reoti Bahora Khera21:5721:58Right Time135 km
19Aonla22:0522:10Right Time141 km
20Basharatganj22:4022:42Right Time152 km
21Ramganga23:0823:10Right Time161 km
22Bareilly23:45Right Time168 km