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54354 BE ALJN PASS Running status

Arrival10:41 Right Time
Departure10:42 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated15 Feb 2019 2:15
1Bareilly09:10Right TimeYet to start
2Ramganga09:2309:24Right Time6 km
3Basharatganj09:3409:36Right Time15 km
4Nisoi09:4509:46Right Time20 km
5Aonla09:5209:57Right Time27 km
6Reoti Bahora Khera10:0910:10Right Time32 km
7Karengi10:1710:19Right Time40 km
8Dabtara10:2810:30Right Time45 km
9Purwa Khera10:4110:42Right Time51 km
10Asafpur10:5310:55Right Time56 km
11Sisarka11:0311:05Right Time62 km
12Chandausi Jn11:2311:28Right Time69 km
13Majhaula H11:4211:43Right Time78 km
14Bahjoi11:5211:54Right Time86 km
15Pathakpur12:0412:05Right Time93 km
16Dhanari12:1312:15Right Time100 km
17Bhakrauli12:2412:25Right Time106 km
18Babrala12:3412:37Right Time113 km
19Rajghat Narora12:5112:53Right Time118 km
20Dibai13:0313:05Right Time125 km
21Dharampur H13:1613:17Right Time132 km
22Atrauli Road13:2513:27Right Time139 km
23Godha13:4913:50Right Time145 km
24Sunmai H13:5713:58Right Time149 km
25Harduaganj14:1514:17Right Time154 km
26Manzoorgarhi14:2914:31Right Time158 km
27Aligarh Jn14:50Right Time168 km