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54374 FD PRG PASS Running status

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Faizabad Jn-FD
EExpected17:45 19 Apr 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Faizabad Jn17:45Right TimeYet to start
Masodha17:5617:57Right Time7 km
Bharatkund18:1018:11Right Time15 km
Malethu Kanak18:1918:20Right Time18 km
Khajurhat18:3418:35Right Time27 km
Chaure Bazar18:4618:47Right Time33 km
Kurbhar18:5919:00Right Time40 km
Dwarkaganj19:1419:15Right Time49 km
Sultanpur Jn19:3019:35Right Time58 km
Piparpur19:5819:59Right Time71 km
Ramganj20:1420:15Right Time75 km
Khundaur20:2720:28Right Time82 km
Chilbila Jn20:5420:55Right Time94 km
Partapgarh Jn21:1021:15Right Time97 km
Bhupia Mau21:2321:24Right Time103 km
Bishnath Ganj21:4021:41Right Time112 km
Dhirganj21:5021:51Right Time118 km
Mau Aimma22:0522:06Right Time124 km
Siwaith22:3422:35Right Time138 km
Phaphamau Jn22:5622:57Right Time144 km
Prayag Jn23:15Right Time150 km