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54377 PRG BE PASS Running status

04:40, Late 3h 45m
Platform 3
Departed from Lucknow at 12:45, 194 kms. ahead of Prayag Jn
Train is cancelled between Lucknow and Bareilly
Updated19 Aug 2018 12:57
1Prayag Jn04:40Late 3h 45mDeparted
2Phaphamau Jn04:5604:57Late 3h 49mDeparted
3Sarai Gopal05:0605:07Late 3h 49mDeparted
4Atrampur05:1405:15Late 3h 47mDeparted
5Ram Chaura Road05:2305:24Late 3h 46mDeparted
6Lalgopalganj05:3105:32Late 3h 44mDeparted
7Bhadri05:4205:43Late 3h 45mDeparted
8Kunda Harnamganj05:5105:53Late 3h 43mDeparted
9Garhi Manikpur06:0306:04Late 3h 39mDeparted
10Pariawan Kalakankar Road06:1106:12Late 3h 36mDeparted
11Arkha H06:2006:21Late 3h 33mDeparted
12Unchahar Jn06:2606:28Late 3h 33mDeparted
13Rama Chandrapuram06:4206:43Late 3h 33mDeparted
14Lachhmanpur06:4806:49Late 3h 30mDeparted
15Daryapur07:0407:05Late 3h 25mDeparted
16Rae Bareli Jn07:2507:40Late 3h 30mDeparted
17Gangaganj07:5508:06Late 3h 44mDeparted
18Harchandpur08:1208:13Late 3h 42mDeparted
19Kundanganj08:2008:30Late 3h 49mDeparted
20Bachhrawn08:5208:53Late 4h 1mDeparted
21Shrirajnagar09:0209:03Late 4h 3mDeparted
22Nigohan09:1209:13Late 4h 5mDeparted
23Kankaha09:2109:22Late 4h 4mDeparted
24Mohanlalganj09:3211:00Late 5h 31mDeparted
25Utraitia Jn11:1711:33Late 4h 39mDeparted
26Block Hut A11:5711:58Late 4h 54mDeparted
27Lucknow Dikusha Cabin12:2212:23Late 5h 6mDeparted
28Lucknow12:4008:20Departed 43 min ago updated
29Alam Nagar08:3808:39Late 4h 25m
30Kakori08:4808:49Late 4h 25m
31Malihabad08:5809:00Late 4h 25m
32Dilawarnagar09:0909:10Late 4h 25m
33Rahimabad09:1909:20Late 4h 25m
34Sandila09:3009:32Late 4h 25m
35Umar Tali09:4109:42Late 4h 25m
36Dalelnagar09:5009:51Late 4h 25m
37Balamau Jn10:0010:02Late 4h 25m
38Baghauli10:1210:14Late 4h 25m
39Masit10:2410:25Late 4h 25m
40Karna10:3410:35Late 4h 25m
41Hardoi10:4210:47Late 4h 25m
42Kaurah11:0111:02Late 4h 25m
43Behtagokal11:1111:13Late 4h 25m
44Todarpur11:2311:25Late 4h 23m
45Sharma H11:3111:32Late 4h 23m
46Anji Shahabad11:4211:44Late 4h 20m
47Aigawan11:5611:57Late 4h 17m
48Kahilia12:0812:09Late 4h 15m
49Pt Ram Prasad Bismil12:1512:16Late 4h 15m
50Roza Jn12:2612:28Late 4h 13m
51Shahjahanpur Kutchery H12:3812:39Late 4h 13m
52Shahjehanpur12:4512:50Late 4h 13m
53Banthra12:5913:00Late 4h 13m
54Bahadurpur Up13:0613:07Late 4h 13m
55Tilhar13:1313:15Late 4h 13m
56Miranpur Katra13:2513:27Late 4h 13m
57Bilpur13:3613:38Late 4h 13m
58Tisua13:4813:49Late 4h 13m
59Pitambarpur13:5814:00Late 4h 13m
60Rasuiya14:1014:12Late 4h 13m
61Bareilly Cantt14:2214:23Late 4h 13m
62Bareilly15:00Late 4h 8m