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54378 BE PRG PASS Running status

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EExpected09:45 26 Apr 2018
PDelayLate 1h 40m
Last Update26 Apr 2018 6:36
Yet to start
Late 1h 40mYet to start
2Bareilly Cantt09:5009:52Late 1h 40m3 km
3Rasuiya10:0110:03Late 1h 40m10 km
4Pitambarpur10:1310:15Late 1h 40m19 km
5Tisua10:2410:26Late 1h 40m28 km
6Bilpur10:3410:36Late 1h 40m35 km
7Miranpur Katra10:4410:46Late 1h 40m42 km
8Tilhar10:5610:58Late 1h 40m52 km
9Bahadurpur Up11:0611:07Late 1h 40m58 km
10Banthra11:1311:14Late 1h 40m61 km
11Shahjehanpur11:4211:47Late 1h 37m70 km
12Shahjahanpur Kutchery H11:5011:51Late 1h 37m71 km
13Roza Jn11:5912:01Late 1h 37m78 km
14Pt Ram Prasad Bismil12:1012:11Late 1h 37m82 km
15Kahilia12:1612:18Late 1h 37m86 km
16Aigawan12:2712:29Late 1h 37m94 km
17Anji Shahabad12:3712:39Late 1h 37m101 km
18Sharma H12:4712:48Late 1h 37m106 km
19Todarpur12:5312:55Late 1h 37m109 km
20Behtagokal13:0013:02Late 1h 34m116 km
21Kaurah13:1213:14Late 1h 34m124 km
22Hardoi13:5413:59Late 1h 34m133 km
23Karna14:2314:25Late 1h 34m143 km
24Masit14:3414:36Late 1h 34m150 km
25Baghauli14:4514:47Late 1h 34m157 km
26Balamau Jn14:5414:59Late 1h 19m166 km
27Dalelnagar15:1215:14Late 1h 19m174 km
28Umar Tali15:2315:25Late 1h 17m181 km
29Sandila15:3015:35Late 1h 17m186 km
30Rahimabad15:4915:51Late 1h 17m197 km
31Dilawarnagar16:0016:02Late 1h 17m205 km
32Malihabad16:1016:12Late 1h 17m210 km
33Kakori16:1716:19Late 1h 12m220 km
34Alam Nagar17:0917:11Late 1h 7m229 km
35Lucknow17:2817:53Late 53m235 km
36Lucknow Dikusha Cabin18:0318:04Late 53m238 km
37Block Hut A18:1418:15Late 53m242 km
38Utraitia Jn18:2418:25Late 53m247 km
39Mohanlalganj18:3618:37Late 53m255 km
40Kankaha18:4718:48Late 53m263 km
41Nigohan18:5818:59Late 53m270 km
42Shrirajnagar19:0619:07Late 53m276 km
43Bachhrawn19:1419:15Late 53m282 km
44Kundanganj19:2419:25Late 53m291 km
45Harchandpur19:3419:35Late 53m298 km
46Gangaganj19:4319:44Late 53m305 km
47Rae Bareli Jn19:5820:03Late 8m312 km
48Daryapur20:1220:13Late 8m318 km
49Lachhmanpur20:2820:29Late 8m333 km
50Rama Chandrapuram20:4620:47Late 8m340 km
51Unchahar Jn20:5921:00Late 5m350 km
52Arkha H21:0921:10Late 5m352 km
53Pariawan Kalakankar Road21:2121:22Late 2m361 km
54Garhi Manikpur21:3321:34Late 2m368 km
55Kunda Harnamganj21:4621:47Right Time380 km
56Bhadri22:0222:03Right Time387 km
57Lalgopalganj22:1822:19Right Time394 km
58Ram Chaura Road22:3122:32Right Time401 km
59Atrampur22:4222:43Right Time408 km
60Sarai Gopal22:5522:56Right Time417 km
61Phaphamau Jn23:1623:17Right Time422 km
62Prayag Jn23:35Right Time429 km