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54461 BKI BE PASS Running status

Departure14:50 Right Time
Platform 6
Yet to start
Updated20 Jul 2018 2:15
1Bandikui Jn14:50Right TimeYet to start
2Shri Ghasi Nagar14:5915:00Right Time10 km
3Biwai15:0615:07Right Time15 km
4Bhajera15:1415:15Right Time20 km
5Karanpura15:2115:22Right Time24 km
6Bhuda15:2815:29Right Time27 km
7Mandawar Mahwa Road15:3615:37Right Time32 km
8Ghosrana15:4615:47Right Time39 km
9Dantia15:5415:55Right Time45 km
10Kherli16:0316:04Right Time52 km
11Tarchhera Baraoliran16:1416:15Right Time60 km
12Nadbai16:2316:24Right Time68 km
13Paparera16:3416:35Right Time78 km
14Helak16:4316:44Right Time85 km
15Bharatpur Jn16:5817:00Right Time97 km
16Nohbachhamadi17:0617:07Right Time104 km
17Ikran17:1417:15Right Time109 km
18Chikasana17:2317:24Right Time115 km
19Achhnera Jn17:3517:37Right Time124 km
20Raibha17:4317:44Right Time131 km
21Bichpuri17:5417:55Right Time140 km
22Idgah18:5018:52Right Time149 km
23Agra Fort19:0519:15Right Time151 km
24Yamuna Bridge19:2319:25Right Time153 km
25Chhalesar19:3619:37Right Time158 km
26Kuberpur19:4819:49Right Time162 km
27Etmadpur20:0420:05Right Time169 km
28Tundla Jn21:1521:50Right Time173 km
29Mitawali22:0122:02Right Time180 km
30Barhan Jn22:1022:11Right Time188 km
31Chamrola22:1822:19Right Time195 km
32Jalesar Road22:2622:27Right Time201 km
33Pora22:3522:36Right Time210 km
34Hathras Jn22:4522:50Right Time221 km
35Sasni23:0223:03Right Time230 km
36Mandrak23:1023:11Right Time237 km
37Daud Khan23:1823:19Right Time244 km
38Aligarh Jn23:4523:55Right Time251 km
39Manzoorgarhi00:0900:10Right Time261 km
40Harduaganj00:1900:20Right Time265 km
41Atrauli Road00:3600:38Right Time280 km
42Dibai00:5100:53Right Time294 km
43Rajghat Narora01:0301:05Right Time300 km
44Babrala01:1501:20Right Time306 km
45Bahjoi01:5301:55Right Time333 km
46Chandausi Jn02:2503:25Right Time350 km
47Asafpur03:4303:45Right Time363 km
48Dabtara03:5804:00Right Time374 km
49Karengi04:0804:10Right Time379 km
50Reoti Bahora Khera04:2004:21Right Time386 km
51Aonla04:2504:30Right Time392 km
52Nisoi04:4304:44Right Time399 km
53Basharatganj04:5104:53Right Time404 km
54Ramganga05:0405:06Right Time412 km
55Bareilly06:30Right Time419 km