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54462 BE BKI PASS Running status

Departure21:05 Right Time
Platform 3
Yet to start
Updated15 Aug 2018 2:15
1Bareilly21:05Right TimeYet to start
2Ramganga21:1721:18Right Time6 km
3Basharatganj21:3321:35Right Time15 km
4Nisoi21:4421:45Right Time20 km
5Aonla22:0222:07Right Time27 km
6Reoti Bahora Khera22:1922:20Right Time32 km
7Karengi22:2822:29Right Time40 km
8Dabtara22:3822:40Right Time45 km
9Asafpur22:5722:59Right Time56 km
10Sisarka23:0823:09Right Time62 km
11Chandausi Jn23:3000:20Right Time69 km
12Bahjoi00:3400:36Right Time86 km
13Babrala01:1001:15Right Time113 km
14Rajghat Narora01:2801:30Right Time118 km
15Dibai01:3901:41Right Time125 km
16Atrauli Road02:0402:06Right Time139 km
17Harduaganj02:3502:37Right Time154 km
18Manzoorgarhi02:4502:47Right Time158 km
19Aligarh Jn03:1003:20Right Time168 km
20Daud Khan03:2703:28Right Time175 km
21Mandrak03:3503:36Right Time182 km
22Sasni03:4303:44Right Time189 km
23Hathras Jn03:5203:55Right Time198 km
24Pora04:0404:05Right Time208 km
25Jalesar Road04:1304:14Right Time218 km
26Chamrola04:2104:22Right Time224 km
27Barhan Jn04:2904:30Right Time231 km
28Mitawali04:3804:39Right Time239 km
29Tundla Jn05:1006:00Right Time246 km
30Etmadpur06:0906:10Right Time250 km
31Kuberpur06:2106:22Right Time256 km
32Chhalesar06:3006:31Right Time261 km
33Yamuna Bridge06:4306:45Right Time266 km
34Agra Fort07:0007:05Right Time268 km
35Idgah07:1707:20Right Time270 km
36Bichpuri07:3107:32Right Time279 km
37Raibha07:4307:44Right Time288 km
38Achhnera Jn08:0408:06Right Time295 km
39Chikasana08:1408:15Right Time304 km
40Ikran08:2308:24Right Time310 km
41Nohbachhamadi08:3208:33Right Time315 km
42Bharatpur Jn08:5008:52Right Time322 km
43Helak09:0109:02Right Time334 km
44Paparera09:1009:11Right Time341 km
45Nadbai09:2109:22Right Time350 km
46Tarchhera Baraoliran09:3109:32Right Time359 km
47Kherli09:4109:42Right Time367 km
48Dantia09:5009:52Right Time374 km
49Ghosrana09:5809:59Right Time380 km
50Mandawar Mahwa Road10:0810:09Right Time387 km
51Bhuda10:1710:18Right Time392 km
52Karanpura10:2310:24Right Time395 km
53Bhajera10:3110:32Right Time399 km
54Biwai10:3810:39Right Time404 km
55Shri Ghasi Nagar10:4510:46Right Time409 km
56Bandikui Jn12:00Right Time419 km