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54466 BE FBD PASS Running status

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Tundla Jn-TDL
PDelayLate 2h 1m
Last Update22 Apr 2018 12:48
Arrived at Farrukhabad Jn at 12:45 22 Apr 2018, 142 kms. ahead of Tundla Jn
1Tundla Jn07:46Late 2h 1mDeparted
2Hirangaon07:5407:55Late 2h 0mDeparted
3Firozabad08:0308:04Late 1h 56mDeparted
4Makkhanpur08:1508:16Late 1h 59mDeparted
5Shikohabad Jn08:2708:29Late 1h 49mDeparted
6Buda Bharthara H08:3408:35Late 1h 46mDeparted
7Araon08:4008:42Late 1h 43mDeparted
8Takha08:5008:51Late 1h 43mDeparted
9Kosma09:0009:01Late 1h 43mDeparted
10Tindauli09:0709:08Late 1h 38mDeparted
11Mainpuri09:2309:33Late 1h 38mDeparted
12Mainpuri Kacheri H09:3609:38Late 1h 38mDeparted
13Bhongaon09:5009:52Late 1h 38mDeparted
14Takhrau H09:5609:57Late 1h 34mDeparted
15Mota10:0310:04Late 1h 34mDeparted
16Pakhna10:4210:44Late 1h 34mDeparted
17Baba Lakshman Das Puri H10:5010:51Late 1h 34mDeparted
18Nibkarori10:5710:59Late 1h 34mDeparted
19Ugarpur11:0411:05Late 1h 26mDeparted
20Shrimad Dwarikapuri H11:1011:11Late 1h 26mDeparted
21Farrukhabad Jn12:45Late 2h 25mArrived