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54466 BE FBD PASS Running status

08:12, Late 2h 27m
Platform 4
Departed from Hirangaon at 08:35, 9 kms. ahead of Tundla Jn
Running Late 2 hr, 39 mins
Updated24 Oct 2018 8:37
1Tundla Jn08:12Late 2h 27mDeparted
2Hirangaon08:3308:35Late 2h 39mDeparted 13 min ago updated
3Firozabad08:4208:43Late 2h 39m7 km away
4Makkhanpur08:5208:53Late 2h 35m18 km away
5Shikohabad Jn09:0009:10Late 2h 30m27 km away
6Buda Bharthara H09:1609:17Late 2h 27m35 km away
7Araon09:2309:24Late 2h 24m40 km away
8Takha09:3209:33Late 2h 24m48 km away
9Kosma09:4209:44Late 2h 24m55 km away
10Tindauli09:4909:50Late 2h 19m63 km away
11Mainpuri10:0410:14Late 2h 19m75 km away
12Mainpuri Kacheri H10:1910:20Late 2h 19m78 km away
13Bhongaon10:3310:35Late 2h 19m89 km away
14Takhrau H10:3810:39Late 2h 15m94 km away
15Mota10:4510:46Late 2h 15m99 km away
16Pakhna11:2511:26Late 2h 15m107 km away
17Baba Lakshman Das Puri H11:3211:33Late 2h 15m110 km away
18Nibkarori11:4011:42Late 2h 15m115 km away
19Ugarpur11:4611:47Late 2h 7m124 km away
20Shrimad Dwarikapuri H11:5211:53Late 2h 7m127 km away
21Farrukhabad Jn12:16Late 1h 56m134 km away