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54473 DLI SRE PASS Running status

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EExpected18:15 22 Apr 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Delhi18:15Right TimeYet to start
2Sadar Bazar18:2318:24Right Time1 km
3New Delhi18:3318:40Right Time3 km
4Shivaji Bridge18:4318:44Right Time4 km
5Tilak Bridge18:4818:49Right Time5 km
6Mandawali Chander Vihar H18:5618:57Right Time12 km
7Anand Vihar H19:0119:02Right Time16 km
8Chander Nagar H19:0519:06Right Time18 km
9Sahibabad19:1319:14Right Time21 km
10Ghaziabad19:3419:36Right Time28 km
11Naya Ghaziabad19:4519:46Right Time34 km
12Guldhar19:5219:53Right Time38 km
13Duhai19:5920:00Right Time42 km
14Muradnagar20:0720:08Right Time46 km
15Modinagar20:1720:18Right Time56 km
16Mohiuddinpur20:2520:26Right Time64 km
17Partapur20:3220:33Right Time69 km
18Meerut City Jn20:4820:50Right Time75 km
19Meerut Cant20:5620:57Right Time80 km
20Pabli Khas21:0421:05Right Time84 km
21Daurala21:1321:14Right Time92 km
22Sakhoti Tanda21:2321:24Right Time100 km
23Khatauli21:3321:34Right Time109 km
24Mansurpur21:4421:45Right Time118 km
25Jarauda Nara21:5121:52Right Time124 km
26Muzaffarnagar22:2622:28Right Time131 km
27Bamanheri22:3522:36Right Time135 km
28Rohana Kalan22:4522:46Right Time143 km
29Deoband22:5622:57Right Time155 km
30Talheri Bazurg23:0623:07Right Time165 km
31Nagal23:1623:17Right Time172 km
32Tapri Jn23:3623:37Right Time182 km
33Saharanpur00:10Right Time189 km