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54475 DLI HW PASS Running status

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EExpected09:50 23 May 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Delhi09:50Right TimeYet to start
2Delhi Shahdara10:0510:07Right Time6 km
3Behta Hazipur10:2810:29Right Time11 km
4Noli10:3510:36Right Time14 km
5Nusratabad Kharkhari H10:4210:43Right Time18 km
6Gotra10:4910:50Right Time22 km
7Fakharpur H10:5610:57Right Time25 km
8Khekra11:0211:04Right Time28 km
9Sunehra11:1911:20Right Time32 km
10Ahera11:2511:26Right Time35 km
11Baghpat Road11:3911:41Right Time38 km
12Sujra11:5811:59Right Time44 km
13Alawalpur Idrispur12:0512:06Right Time48 km
14Barka H12:1112:12Right Time51 km
15Baraut12:1712:18Right Time54 km
16Bawli H12:2312:24Right Time59 km
17Qasimpur Kheri12:4312:45Right Time63 km
18Bhudpur13:0013:01Right Time67 km
19Asra Halt13:0713:08Right Time71 km
20Ailam H13:1313:14Right Time73 km
21Kandhla13:2213:23Right Time79 km
22Khandrawali H13:3113:32Right Time86 km
23Gujran Balwa H13:3913:40Right Time89 km
24Shamli13:5514:15Right Time93 km
25Silawar14:2314:24Right Time100 km
26Hind14:3314:35Right Time104 km
27Harhar Fatehpur14:4914:50Right Time108 km
28Thana Bhawan Town H14:5514:56Right Time112 km
29Thana Bhawan15:0215:03Right Time115 km
30Nanauta15:1215:13Right Time125 km
31Sona Arjunpur15:2215:23Right Time131 km
32Rampur Maniharan15:3115:32Right Time136 km
33Bhankala H15:3915:40Right Time141 km
34Manani15:4715:48Right Time146 km
35Tapri Jn16:0016:01Right Time157 km
36Saharanpur16:2017:05Right Time163 km
37Baliakheri17:2117:23Right Time173 km
38Sunehti Kharkhari H17:3217:33Right Time179 km
39Chodiala17:4017:42Right Time184 km
40Iqbalpur17:5117:53Right Time191 km
41Roorkee18:0018:05Right Time198 km
42Dandhera18:1518:17Right Time201 km
43Landaura18:2418:26Right Time206 km
44Dausni18:3618:38Right Time211 km
45Laksar Jn18:5020:35Right Time216 km
46Aithal20:4820:50Right Time224 km
47Pathri20:5921:01Right Time230 km
48Ikkar H21:0921:11Right Time235 km
49Jwalapur21:2821:30Right Time240 km
50Haridwar Jn21:50Right Time243 km