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54641 DLI FZR PASS Running status

Departure07:10 Right Time
Platform 2
Yet to start
Updated16 Jul 2018 2:15
1Delhi07:10Right TimeYet to start
2Delhi Kishanganj07:2207:23Right Time3 km
3Vivekanandpuri07:2707:28Right Time5 km
4Daya Basti07:3207:33Right Time6 km
5Shakurbasti07:3907:41Right Time10 km
6Mangolpuri07:4807:49Right Time14 km
7Nangloi07:5407:55Right Time17 km
8Mundka H08:0008:01Right Time20 km
9Ghevra08:0608:07Right Time23 km
10Bahadurgarh08:1408:15Right Time30 km
11Asaudah08:2408:25Right Time38 km
12Rohad Nagar08:3108:32Right Time43 km
13Sampla08:3808:39Right Time48 km
14Ismaila Haryana08:4508:46Right Time51 km
15Kharawar08:5308:54Right Time58 km
16Asthal Bohar09:0109:02Right Time64 km
17Rohtak Jn09:1309:18Right Time70 km
18Samar Gopalpur09:2909:30Right Time80 km
19Karainthi09:3709:38Right Time87 km
20Kila Zafargarh09:5309:54Right Time96 km
21Julana10:0110:02Right Time102 km
22Jai Jai Wanti10:1010:11Right Time107 km
23Kinana10:2010:21Right Time115 km
24Bishanpur Haryana10:2810:29Right Time120 km
25Jind Jn10:4511:00Right Time127 km
26Barsola11:2411:25Right Time135 km
27Uchana11:3511:36Right Time146 km
28Ghaso11:4311:44Right Time154 km
29Narwana Jn11:5211:53Right Time161 km
30Dharodi12:0212:03Right Time169 km
31Dhamtan Sahib12:1112:12Right Time176 km
32Kalwan H12:1812:19Right Time180 km
33Tohana12:2512:27Right Time187 km
34Himmatpura12:3412:35Right Time191 km
35Jakhal Jn12:5013:05Right Time199 km
36Kahangarh H13:1413:15Right Time207 km
37Bareta13:2213:23Right Time213 km
38Datewas13:3213:33Right Time221 km
39Budhlada13:4113:42Right Time228 km
40Narindarpura13:5113:52Right Time236 km
41Mansa14:0014:01Right Time244 km
42Sadda Singhwala14:1414:15Right Time253 km
43Kotli Kalan H14:2014:21Right Time256 km
44Maur14:2914:30Right Time263 km
45Maisar Khana14:3814:39Right Time271 km
46Kot Fateh14:4714:48Right Time279 km
47Katar Singh Wala14:5714:58Right Time288 km
48Bhatinda Jn15:3017:00Right Time297 km
49Goneana Bhai Jagta17:1117:13Right Time309 km
50Chand Bhan17:2117:22Right Time316 km
51Gangsar Jaitu17:2817:30Right Time323 km
52Ajit Gill Matta H17:3617:37Right Time327 km
53Romana Albel Singh17:4217:43Right Time331 km
54Kot Kapura Jn17:5218:10Right Time340 km
55Giani Zail Singh Sandhwan18:2118:23Right Time344 km
56Faridkot18:4018:42Right Time352 km
57Pipli Pakhi Kalan18:5018:51Right Time358 km
58Golehwala18:5819:00Right Time365 km
59Kasu Begu19:0819:10Right Time375 km
60Firozpur Cantt Jn19:35Right Time384 km