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54703 ABS JU PASSENGR Running status

Departure19:10 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated22 Sep 2018 2:15
1Abohar19:10Right TimeYet to start
2Pakki19:2719:29Right Time15 km
3Malout19:5019:52Right Time30 km
4Giddarbaha20:0820:10Right Time46 km
5Bulluana20:2320:25Right Time57 km
6Bhatinda Jn21:0021:20Right Time73 km
7Gurusar Sehnewala21:3321:35Right Time83 km
8Sangat21:4221:44Right Time90 km
9Bagwali21:5421:55Right Time99 km
10Mandi Dabwali22:0522:07Right Time109 km
11Birang Khera22:2222:24Right Time118 km
12Dhaban22:3422:36Right Time129 km
13Sangariya22:4622:48Right Time139 km
14Manaksar23:0223:04Right Time154 km
15Hanumangarh Jn23:3023:40Right Time166 km
16Dabli Rathan23:5123:53Right Time178 km
17Pili Bangan00:0500:07Right Time191 km
18Rangmahal00:2100:23Right Time206 km
19Suratgarh Jn00:4000:45Right Time216 km
20Biradhwal01:0001:02Right Time234 km
21Rajiyasar01:1501:17Right Time247 km
22Arjansar01:3101:33Right Time263 km
23Mahajan01:4801:50Right Time278 km
24Malkisar02:0602:07Right Time296 km
25Nathwana02:1702:18Right Time307 km
26Lunkaransar02:2802:29Right Time318 km
27Dalmera02:4102:42Right Time331 km
28Dhirera02:5602:57Right Time340 km
29Jagdevwala03:1003:11Right Time354 km
30Jamsar03:2303:24Right Time368 km
31Kanasar03:3603:37Right Time381 km
32Lalgarh Jn03:5303:55Right Time394 km
33Bikaner Jn04:3506:20Right Time397 km
34Udramsar06:3106:32Right Time409 km
35Palana06:4306:44Right Time420 km
36Deshnoke06:5306:55Right Time430 km
37Surpura07:0907:10Right Time444 km
38Nokha07:2807:30Right Time462 km
39Chilo07:4407:45Right Time475 km
40Shri Balaji07:5107:52Right Time479 km
41Alai08:0308:04Right Time490 km
42Badwasi08:1308:14Right Time499 km
43Nagaur08:2808:33Right Time513 km
44Marwar Mundwa08:4608:48Right Time531 km
45Khajwana09:0509:06Right Time547 km
46Deswal09:1609:17Right Time556 km
47Marwar Chhapari09:2509:26Right Time564 km
48Merta Road Jn10:0310:08Right Time570 km
49Jogi Magra10:1610:18Right Time581 km
50Gotan10:2810:30Right Time591 km
51Kharia Khangarh10:3810:40Right Time597 km
52Umed11:1811:19Right Time608 km
53Sathin Road11:3211:33Right Time619 km
54Pipar Road Jn11:4111:43Right Time627 km
55Kheri Salwa11:5811:59Right Time634 km
56Asaranada12:0812:09Right Time643 km
57Jajiwal12:1812:19Right Time652 km
58Banar12:2712:28Right Time660 km
59Raika Bagh12:5813:00Right Time672 km
60Jodhpur Jn13:30Right Time674 km