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54751 RE SGNR PASS Running status

Departure13:25 Right Time
Platform 6
Yet to start
Updated14 Jul 2018 2:15
1Rewari13:25Right TimeYet to start
2Kishangarh Balawas13:3713:38Right Time9 km
3Jatusana13:4713:49Right Time17 km
4Nangal Pathani13:5513:57Right Time22 km
5Kosli14:0314:05Right Time28 km
6Sudhrana14:1214:14Right Time33 km
7Jharli14:2314:25Right Time42 km
8Charkhi Dadri14:3814:40Right Time55 km
9Manheru14:5314:55Right Time69 km
10Bhiwani15:1015:20Right Time83 km
11Sui15:2815:29Right Time91 km
12Bawani Khera15:3715:39Right Time101 km
13Jita Kheri15:4815:50Right Time110 km
14Aurang Nagar15:5615:57Right Time112 km
15Hansi16:0416:06Right Time119 km
16Mayar16:1616:17Right Time127 km
17Satrod16:2516:27Right Time132 km
18Hisar16:5017:00Right Time143 km
19Nyolikalan17:0817:10Right Time152 km
20Jakhodlkhera17:1617:18Right Time159 km
21Mandi Adampur17:3017:32Right Time172 km
22Khabra Kalan17:4217:44Right Time182 km
23Bhattu17:5017:52Right Time189 km
24Mehuwala17:5818:00Right Time192 km
25Ding18:0718:09Right Time200 km
26Jodhka18:1618:18Right Time205 km
27Suchan Kotli18:2318:25Right Time210 km
28Bajekan18:3318:35Right Time218 km
29Sirsa18:4518:50Right Time224 km
30Bara Gudha19:0319:05Right Time242 km
31Sukhchain19:1219:14Right Time249 km
32Kalanwali19:2219:24Right Time257 km
33Ratangarh Kanakwal19:3319:34Right Time265 km
34Raman19:4119:43Right Time272 km
35Bangi Nihal Singh19:5119:52Right Time277 km
36Manwala Kot Bakhtu19:5719:58Right Time280 km
37Shergarh20:0320:04Right Time283 km
38Gahri Bhagi20:1120:12Right Time290 km
39Bhatinda Jn21:1021:50Right Time317 km
40Bulluana22:0522:07Right Time333 km
41Giddarbaha22:2822:30Right Time345 km
42Malout23:0623:08Right Time361 km
43Pakki23:2823:30Right Time376 km
44Abohar23:5623:57Right Time391 km
45Panj Kosi00:0900:11Right Time405 km
46Hindumalkote00:2300:24Right Time418 km
47Fatuhi00:3400:35Right Time428 km
48Shri Ganganagar01:00Right Time444 km