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54757 UMB SGNR PASS Running status

Departure06:25 Right Time
Platform 6
Yet to start
Updated15 Jan 2019 2:17
1Ambala Cant Jn06:25Right TimeYet to start
2Ambala City06:3506:36Right Time8 km
3Sambhu06:4806:49Right Time17 km
4Rajpura Jn07:0007:02Right Time28 km
5Kauli07:1207:13Right Time39 km
6Daun Kalan07:2007:22Right Time46 km
7Patiala07:3307:35Right Time53 km
8Patiala Cant07:4907:50Right Time57 km
9Dhablan07:5807:59Right Time66 km
10Nabha08:1008:12Right Time79 km
11Kakrala H08:1808:20Right Time85 km
12Chhintanwala08:2608:28Right Time92 km
13Kaulseri08:4408:46Right Time99 km
14Dhuri Jn08:5609:05Right Time106 km
15Alal09:1609:17Right Time119 km
16Sekha09:3509:36Right Time127 km
17Barnala09:4509:47Right Time137 km
18Hadiaya09:5509:56Right Time143 km
19Ghunas H10:0410:05Right Time150 km
20Tapa10:1010:12Right Time156 km
21Jethuke10:1910:20Right Time161 km
22Rampura Phul10:2710:29Right Time169 km
23Lehra Muhabbat10:3710:38Right Time176 km
24Bhuchchu10:4510:47Right Time184 km
25Bhatinda Cantt11:0211:04Right Time193 km
26Bhatinda Jn11:3012:45Right Time201 km
27Bahman Diwana12:5512:56Right Time211 km
28Bulluana13:0213:04Right Time217 km
29Giddarbaha13:1213:14Right Time229 km
30Faqarsar13:2513:27Right Time235 km
31Malout13:3413:36Right Time245 km
32Pakki13:4913:51Right Time260 km
33Bahawal Basi13:5814:00Right Time267 km
34Abohar14:0814:10Right Time275 km
35Kilanwali Punjab14:2114:23Right Time282 km
36Panj Kosi14:2914:31Right Time289 km
37Bakayanwala14:4514:47Right Time295 km
38Kotha Pakki H14:5114:53Right Time299 km
39Hindumalkote15:0115:03Right Time302 km
40Orki H15:1915:21Right Time307 km
41Fatuhi15:2915:30Right Time312 km
42Mohanpura H15:3715:39Right Time322 km
43Shri Ganganagar15:55Right Time328 km