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54758 SGNR UMB PASS Running status

Departure11:05 Right Time
Platform 2
Yet to start
Updated13 Dec 2018 10:15
1Shri Ganganagar11:05Right TimeYet to start
2Mohanpura H11:1111:13Right Time6 km
3Fatuhi11:2111:22Right Time15 km
4Orki H11:2711:28Right Time20 km
5Hindumalkote11:3711:38Right Time26 km
6Kotha Pakki H11:4311:44Right Time29 km
7Bakayanwala11:4911:50Right Time33 km
8Panj Kosi11:5611:57Right Time39 km
9Kilanwali Punjab12:0312:04Right Time45 km
10Abohar12:1212:13Right Time53 km
11Bahawal Basi12:2312:24Right Time61 km
12Pakki12:3112:32Right Time68 km
13Malout12:4512:46Right Time83 km
14Faqarsar12:5512:56Right Time93 km
15Giddarbaha13:0813:09Right Time99 km
16Bulluana13:2813:29Right Time111 km
17Bahman Diwana13:3613:37Right Time117 km
18Bhatinda Jn13:5714:15Right Time127 km
19Bhatinda Cantt14:2514:26Right Time135 km
20Bhuchchu14:4314:44Right Time144 km
21Lehra Muhabbat14:5414:55Right Time152 km
22Rampura Phul15:0215:03Right Time159 km
23Jethuke15:1215:13Right Time167 km
24Tapa15:1915:20Right Time172 km
25Ghunas H15:2715:28Right Time178 km
26Hadiaya15:4415:45Right Time185 km
27Barnala16:0116:02Right Time191 km
28Sekha16:1116:12Right Time201 km
29Alal16:2016:21Right Time209 km
30Dhuri Jn16:3216:33Right Time222 km
31Kaulseri16:4716:48Right Time229 km
32Chhintanwala16:5616:57Right Time235 km
33Kakrala H17:0417:05Right Time243 km
34Nabha17:1217:17Right Time249 km
35Dhablan17:2917:39Right Time262 km
36Patiala Cant17:4617:47Right Time270 km
37Patiala17:5417:55Right Time275 km
38Daun Kalan18:0818:09Right Time281 km
39Kauli18:1518:16Right Time289 km
40Rajpura Jn18:3518:50Right Time300 km
41Sambhu19:0019:02Right Time311 km
42Ambala City19:1519:16Right Time320 km
43Ambala Cant Jn19:35Right Time328 km