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54760 SOG SGNR PASS Running status

Departure12:30 Right Time
Platform 1
Yet to start
Updated15 Nov 2018 10:15
1Suratgarh Jn12:30Right TimeYet to start
2Bhagwansar12:3912:40Right Time5 km
3Sardargarh12:5212:53Right Time17 km
4Sarupsar Jn12:5913:01Right Time21 km
5Jaitsar13:0613:08Right Time25 km
6Bugia13:1513:16Right Time32 km
7Masaniwala13:2113:22Right Time35 km
8Mohan Nagar13:3013:31Right Time44 km
9Rai Singh Nagar13:4413:45Right Time56 km
10Gajsinghpur13:5914:00Right Time70 km
11Zorawarpura14:1114:12Right Time81 km
12Shri Karanpur14:2114:22Right Time90 km
13Dalpat Singhpur14:3314:34Right Time102 km
14Kesri Singhpur14:4414:45Right Time112 km
15Prithwirajpur14:5815:00Right Time125 km
16Shri Ganganagar15:25Right Time137 km