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54781 BTI RE PASS Running status

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Bhatinda Jn-BTI
EExpected17:30 22 Apr 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Bhatinda Jn17:30Right TimeYet to start
2Gahri Bhagi17:4417:45Right Time27 km
3Shergarh17:5117:53Right Time33 km
4Manwala Kot Bakhtu17:5918:00Right Time36 km
5Bangi Nihal Singh18:0518:06Right Time40 km
6Raman18:1118:13Right Time45 km
7Ratangarh Kanakwal18:2018:22Right Time52 km
8Kalanwali18:3118:33Right Time59 km
9Sukhchain18:4318:44Right Time67 km
10Bara Gudha18:5118:53Right Time74 km
11Sirsa19:3019:40Right Time92 km
12Bajekan19:4719:48Right Time99 km
13Suchan Kotli19:5719:59Right Time107 km
14Jodhka20:0620:07Right Time112 km
15Ding20:1320:15Right Time117 km
16Mehuwala20:2420:25Right Time125 km
17Bhattu20:3020:32Right Time128 km
18Khabra Kalan20:3920:40Right Time134 km
19Mandi Adampur20:4920:51Right Time145 km
20Jakhodlkhera21:0321:05Right Time158 km
21Nyolikalan21:1221:13Right Time164 km
22Hisar21:4521:55Right Time174 km
23Satrod22:0822:10Right Time185 km
24Mayar22:1722:18Right Time189 km
25Hansi22:2622:27Right Time197 km
26Aurang Nagar22:3622:37Right Time204 km
27Jita Kheri22:4222:43Right Time207 km
28Bawani Khera22:5322:54Right Time216 km
29Sui23:0323:04Right Time225 km
30Bhiwani23:3023:40Right Time234 km
31Manheru23:5123:52Right Time248 km
32Charkhi Dadri00:0300:05Right Time261 km
33Jharli00:1800:20Right Time275 km
34Sudhrana00:2900:31Right Time284 km
35Kosli00:3800:40Right Time289 km
36Jatusana00:5000:52Right Time300 km
37Kishangarh Balawas01:0101:03Right Time307 km
38Rewari01:50Right Time317 km