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54803 JU ADI PASS Running status

Departure08:45 Right Time
Platform 5
Yet to start
Updated14 Jul 2018 2:15
1Jodhpur Jn08:45Right TimeYet to start
2Bhagat Ki Kothi08:5108:53Right Time3 km
3Basni08:5809:00Right Time7 km
4Salawas09:1009:11Right Time16 km
5Hanwant09:2109:22Right Time25 km
6Luni Jn09:3209:35Right Time32 km
7Rohat09:4509:47Right Time45 km
8Kairla09:5809:59Right Time58 km
9Pali Marwar10:1310:18Right Time73 km
10Bomadra10:2710:28Right Time83 km
11Rajkiawas10:3610:38Right Time93 km
12Marwar Jn11:1511:20Right Time103 km
13Auwa11:3111:32Right Time112 km
14Banta Raghunathgarh11:3911:40Right Time119 km
15Bhinwaliya11:4511:46Right Time125 km
16Somesar11:5411:55Right Time131 km
17Jawali12:0412:05Right Time140 km
18Rani12:2112:23Right Time155 km
19Khimel12:3412:35Right Time162 km
20Falna12:4512:48Right Time170 km
21Biroliya12:5512:56Right Time178 km
22Jawai Bandh13:0313:05Right Time186 km
23Mori Bera13:3413:35Right Time195 km
24Kothar13:4313:44Right Time202 km
25Nana13:5313:54Right Time208 km
26Keshavganj14:0314:04Right Time217 km
27Sirohi Road14:1314:15Right Time225 km
28Banas14:2714:28Right Time235 km
29Swarupganj14:3714:38Right Time243 km
30Bhimana14:4514:46Right Time252 km
31Kivarli14:5514:56Right Time260 km
32Morthala15:1315:14Right Time265 km
33Abu Road15:2516:20Right Time268 km
34Maval16:3216:33Right Time278 km
35Shri Hamirgadh16:4116:42Right Time286 km
36Sarotra Road16:4916:50Right Time292 km
37Iqbal Gadh16:5816:59Right Time299 km
38Jethi17:0617:07Right Time305 km
39Chitrasani17:1317:14Right Time310 km
40Karjoda17:1917:20Right Time315 km
41Palanpur Jn17:5017:52Right Time321 km
42Umardeshi17:5918:01Right Time330 km
43Chhapi18:0918:11Right Time338 km
44Dharewada18:1818:20Right Time345 km
45Siddhapur18:3518:37Right Time351 km
46Kamli18:4418:46Right Time357 km
47Unjha18:5318:55Right Time364 km
48Bhandu Motidau19:1619:17Right Time376 km
49Mahesana Jn19:2819:30Right Time386 km
50Jagudan19:3819:39Right Time396 km
51Ambliyasan19:4519:47Right Time404 km
52Dangarwa19:5619:57Right Time412 km
53Jhulasan20:0420:06Right Time418 km
54Kalol20:1620:18Right Time428 km
55Khodiyar20:2820:30Right Time439 km
56Chandlodiya20:4020:42Right Time448 km
57Sabarmati Jn20:5821:00Right Time452 km
58Ahmedabad Jn21:35Right Time457 km