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54804 ADI JU PASS Running status

Departure06:15 Right Time
Platform 10
Yet to start
Updated19 Sep 2018 2:15
1Ahmedabad Jn06:15Right TimeYet to start
2Sabarmati Jn06:2506:27Right Time5 km
3Chandlodiya06:3906:41Right Time9 km
4Khodiyar06:5106:53Right Time18 km
5Kalol07:0307:05Right Time29 km
6Jhulasan07:1507:17Right Time39 km
7Dangarwa07:3607:38Right Time45 km
8Ambliyasan07:5808:00Right Time53 km
9Jagudan08:0808:10Right Time61 km
10Mahesana Jn08:4208:45Right Time71 km
11Bhandu Motidau08:5308:55Right Time81 km
12Unjha09:0509:07Right Time93 km
13Kamli09:1409:16Right Time100 km
14Siddhapur09:2309:25Right Time106 km
15Dharewada09:3109:33Right Time112 km
16Chhapi09:4009:42Right Time119 km
17Umardeshi09:5009:52Right Time127 km
18Palanpur Jn10:2310:28Right Time136 km
19Karjoda10:3610:37Right Time142 km
20Chitrasani10:4310:44Right Time148 km
21Jethi10:5110:52Right Time152 km
22Iqbal Gadh11:0011:01Right Time158 km
23Sarotra Road11:0911:10Right Time166 km
24Shri Hamirgadh11:1611:17Right Time171 km
25Maval11:2611:27Right Time179 km
26Abu Road11:5012:15Right Time189 km
27Morthala12:2512:26Right Time192 km
28Kivarli12:3412:35Right Time198 km
29Bhimana12:4612:47Right Time205 km
30Swarupganj12:5712:58Right Time214 km
31Banas13:0713:08Right Time222 km
32PDWA13:1713:19Right Time232 km
33Keshavganj13:2813:29Right Time240 km
34Nana13:3913:40Right Time249 km
35Kothar13:4913:50Right Time256 km
36Mori Bera14:0014:01Right Time262 km
37Jawai Bandh14:0914:11Right Time271 km
38Biroliya14:1914:20Right Time279 km
39Falna14:2914:32Right Time287 km
40Khimel14:4014:41Right Time296 km
41Rani14:4814:50Right Time302 km
42Jawali15:1215:13Right Time317 km
43Somesar15:2115:22Right Time326 km
44Bhinwaliya15:2715:28Right Time332 km
45Banta Raghunathgarh15:3515:48Right Time338 km
46Auwa16:0016:02Right Time345 km
47Marwar Jn17:2517:45Right Time354 km
48Rajkiawas17:5517:56Right Time364 km
49Bomadra18:0518:06Right Time374 km
50Pali Marwar18:1618:21Right Time384 km
51Kairla18:3318:34Right Time399 km
52Rohat18:4518:46Right Time413 km
53Luni Jn18:5819:01Right Time426 km
54Hanwant19:0819:09Right Time432 km
55Salawas19:1719:18Right Time441 km
56Basni19:2619:28Right Time451 km
57Bhagat Ki Kothi19:3319:35Right Time454 km
58Jodhpur Jn20:25Right Time457 km