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54805 JAIPUR PASSENGER Running status

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Ahmedabad Jn-ADI
EExpected23:30 23 May 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Ahmedabad Jn23:30Right TimeYet to start
2Sabarmati Jn23:4123:43Right Time5 km
3Chandlodiya23:5123:53Right Time11 km
4Khodiyar00:0300:05Right Time20 km
5Kalol00:1700:19Right Time31 km
6Isand00:2000:22Right Time36 km
7Pansar00:2400:26Right Time38 km
8Jhulasan00:3100:33Right Time55 km
9Dangarwa00:4100:43Right Time62 km
10Ambliyasan00:5901:01Right Time70 km
11Jagudan01:0601:08Right Time78 km
12Mahesana Jn01:2501:27Right Time87 km
13Bhandu Motidau01:3401:36Right Time97 km
14Unjha02:2202:24Right Time109 km
15Kamli02:5602:58Right Time116 km
16Siddhapur03:0803:10Right Time123 km
17Dharewada03:1703:19Right Time128 km
18Chhapi03:2703:29Right Time136 km
19Umardeshi03:4903:51Right Time144 km
20Palanpur Jn04:4505:15Right Time153 km
21Karjoda05:2505:26Right Time158 km
22Chitrasani05:3805:39Right Time164 km
23Jethi05:4505:46Right Time168 km
24Iqbal Gadh05:5906:00Right Time175 km
25Sarotra Road06:0706:08Right Time182 km
26Shri Hamirgadh06:1806:19Right Time187 km
27Maval06:3406:35Right Time196 km
28Abu Road06:5007:45Right Time205 km
29Morthala07:5507:56Right Time208 km
30Kivarli08:0508:06Right Time214 km
31Bhimana08:2108:22Right Time222 km
32Swarupganj08:3708:38Right Time231 km
33Banas08:5308:54Right Time239 km
34Sirohi Road09:0209:04Right Time249 km
35Keshavganj09:1209:13Right Time257 km
36Nana09:2109:22Right Time266 km
37Kothar09:3109:32Right Time272 km
38Mori Bera09:3809:39Right Time278 km
39Jawai Bandh09:4809:49Right Time288 km
40Biroliya10:0710:08Right Time296 km
41Falna10:2310:28Right Time304 km
42Khimel10:3610:37Right Time312 km
43Rani10:4310:45Right Time319 km
44Jawali11:0511:06Right Time334 km
45Somesar11:1511:16Right Time342 km
46Bhinwaliya11:2511:26Right Time348 km
47Banta Raghunathgarh11:3811:39Right Time354 km
48Auwa11:5111:52Right Time362 km
49Marwar Jn12:0512:10Right Time370 km
50Dhareshwar12:2612:27Right Time379 km
51Sojat Road12:4112:42Right Time391 km
52Bagri Nagar12:5112:52Right Time396 km
53Chandawal13:0913:10Right Time406 km
54Guriya13:2113:22Right Time417 km
55Haripur13:3013:31Right Time424 km
56Bar13:4313:45Right Time435 km
57Sendra13:5413:56Right Time444 km
58Amarpura14:0314:05Right Time452 km
59Beawar14:1314:15Right Time458 km
60Bangurgram14:2214:23Right Time463 km
61Piplaj14:2514:27Right Time468 km
62Kharwa14:3614:37Right Time474 km
63Mangaliyawas15:1015:12Right Time485 km
64Makrera15:1815:20Right Time490 km
65Saradhana15:2815:30Right Time495 km
66Daurai15:5515:56Right Time503 km
67Ajmer Jn17:0518:15Right Time510 km
68Madar Jn18:2818:29Right Time517 km
69Ladpura18:3718:38Right Time524 km
70Gegal Akhri18:4518:46Right Time530 km
71Kishangarh18:5618:57Right Time539 km
72Tiloniya19:1319:14Right Time550 km
73Gahlota19:2019:21Right Time554 km
74Saheli19:2819:29Right Time561 km
75Sakhun19:3619:37Right Time568 km
76Dantra19:4519:46Right Time575 km
77Naraina19:5219:53Right Time580 km
78Phulera Jn20:1020:15Right Time590 km
79Hirnoda20:2220:23Right Time598 km
80Dhinda20:2920:30Right Time603 km
81Asalpur Jobner20:3620:38Right Time608 km
82Bobas21:1221:13Right Time616 km
83Sheosinghpura21:2121:22Right Time623 km
84Dhanakya21:2921:30Right Time626 km
85Kanakpura21:3821:39Right Time636 km
86Jaipur22:50Right Time645 km