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54809 RE JU PASS Running status

Departure12:55 Right Time
Platform 5
Yet to start
Updated18 Jul 2018 2:15
1Rewari12:55Right TimeYet to start
2Nangal Mundi13:0713:08Right Time13 km
3Dahina Zainabad13:1813:19Right Time24 km
4Kanina Khas13:2913:30Right Time34 km
5Gurha Kemla13:3513:36Right Time39 km
6Bojawas13:4213:43Right Time43 km
7Mahendragarh13:4813:50Right Time50 km
8Zerpur Pali13:5814:00Right Time58 km
9Nangal Degrota14:0714:08Right Time64 km
10Nanwan H14:1514:16Right Time70 km
11Satnali14:2214:23Right Time74 km
12Sohansra14:3314:34Right Time85 km
13Loharu Jn15:0015:05Right Time92 km
14Kushalpura15:1215:13Right Time98 km
15Parvezpur15:1915:20Right Time103 km
16Rampura Beri15:2815:30Right Time112 km
17Gugalwa Kirtan H15:3715:38Right Time117 km
18Bewar Bhojan15:4315:44Right Time120 km
19Harpalu15:5215:53Right Time128 km
20Kandharan H15:5916:00Right Time132 km
21Sadulpur Jn16:1516:20Right Time141 km
22Dokwa16:2716:28Right Time150 km
23Hadyal16:3716:38Right Time157 km
24Dudhwakhara16:5016:52Right Time170 km
25Sirsala16:5917:00Right Time176 km
26Aslu17:0917:10Right Time184 km
27Churu17:3017:40Right Time199 km
28Depalsar17:4817:49Right Time207 km
29Juharpura17:5817:59Right Time216 km
30Shri Makri Nath Nagar18:0418:05Right Time220 km
31Molisar18:1018:12Right Time225 km
32Ratangarh Jn18:5219:00Right Time242 km
33Loha19:0819:09Right Time250 km
34Parhihara19:1919:20Right Time262 km
35Talchhapar19:3219:33Right Time274 km
36Sujangarh19:4619:48Right Time288 km
37Ladnun20:0020:02Right Time297 km
38Balsamand20:1320:14Right Time307 km
39Sanvrad20:2220:23Right Time315 km
40Didwana20:3420:36Right Time328 km
41Marwar Balia20:4420:45Right Time334 km
42Khunkhuna20:5520:57Right Time344 km
43Pirwa21:0521:06Right Time351 km
44Chhoti Khatu21:1821:20Right Time364 km
45Khatu21:2821:29Right Time369 km
46Kiroda21:4121:42Right Time382 km
47Degana Jn22:0022:03Right Time394 km
48Jalsu Nanak22:1022:11Right Time402 km
49Jalsu22:1822:19Right Time407 km
50Ren22:3122:33Right Time422 km
51Kheduli22:4222:43Right Time429 km
52Merta Road Jn23:1023:15Right Time439 km
53Jogi Magra23:2423:25Right Time450 km
54Gotan23:3323:35Right Time459 km
55Kharia Khangarh23:4423:45Right Time466 km
56Umed23:5523:56Right Time477 km
57Sathin Road00:0600:07Right Time487 km
58Pipar Road Jn00:2700:29Right Time496 km
59Kheri Salwa00:3800:39Right Time502 km
60Asaranada00:4900:50Right Time511 km
61Jajiwal01:0001:01Right Time520 km
62Banar01:0901:10Right Time528 km
63Raika Bagh01:3201:34Right Time541 km
64Jodhpur Jn01:50Right Time543 km