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55002 AY GKP PASS Running status

Departure13:45 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated17 Oct 2018 2:15
1Ayodhya13:45Right TimeYet to start
2Katra Up14:0514:10Right Time9 km
3Nawabganj Gonda H14:1814:20Right Time17 km
4Tikri H14:2814:30Right Time26 km
5Mankapur Jn14:5515:10Right Time38 km
6Lakhpat Nagar15:1415:16Right Time44 km
7Maskanwa15:2415:26Right Time53 km
8Swami Narayan Chhapia15:3115:33Right Time57 km
9Babhanjyotiya H15:3815:39Right Time61 km
10Babhnan15:5015:52Right Time69 km
11Gaur15:5916:01Right Time77 km
12Tinich16:0816:10Right Time85 km
13Govindnagar16:1816:20Right Time93 km
14Basti16:3716:40Right Time100 km
15Orwara16:4516:47Right Time107 km
16Munderwa16:5416:56Right Time114 km
17Chureb17:0317:05Right Time121 km
18Khalilabad17:1817:20Right Time129 km
19Maghar17:2817:30Right Time138 km
20Sihapar H17:3617:37Right Time141 km
21Sahjanwa17:5017:52Right Time146 km
22Jagatbela18:0018:02Right Time153 km
23Domingarh18:2418:26Right Time160 km
24Gorakhpur18:55Right Time164 km