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55007 PPTA GKP PASS Running status

Departure17:45 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated20 Sep 2018 2:15
1Patliputra17:45Right TimeYet to start
2Digha Bridge Halt17:4917:50Right Time3 km
3Pahlejaghat18:0418:05Right Time11 km
4Parmanandpur F18:1618:17Right Time17 km
5Nayagaon18:3618:37Right Time21 km
6Sitalpur18:4618:47Right Time29 km
7Dighwara19:0319:04Right Time33 km
8Ambika Bhawani Halt19:1119:12Right Time37 km
9Awatarnagar F19:1719:18Right Time39 km
10Panchpatia Deoria Halt19:2319:24Right Time42 km
11Bara Gopal19:2919:30Right Time44 km
12Dumri Juara19:3719:38Right Time48 km
13Goldinganj19:4419:45Right Time53 km
14Chhapra Kachehri19:5619:58Right Time62 km
15Chhapra20:0520:15Right Time64 km
16Tek Newas20:2120:22Right Time68 km
17Kopa Samhota20:3120:32Right Time74 km
18Daudpur20:4020:41Right Time83 km
19Ekma20:4920:50Right Time91 km
20Mahendranath H20:5620:57Right Time96 km
21Chainwa21:0021:02Right Time99 km
22Duraundha Jn21:0921:11Right Time107 km
23Pachrukhi21:2321:25Right Time116 km
24Siwan Jn21:4021:55Right Time124 km
25Siwan Kacheri F22:0122:02Right Time127 km
26Amlori Sarsar22:0922:11Right Time134 km
27Hathua22:2322:25Right Time143 km
28Thawe Jn22:5023:00Right Time153 km
29Narkatia Bazar H23:0923:10Right Time158 km
30Sasamusa23:1523:20Right Time163 km
31Sipaya H23:2723:29Right Time168 km
32Jalalpur23:3323:34Right Time171 km
33Tinpheria H23:4123:43Right Time176 km
34Tariasujan23:5323:55Right Time180 km
35Tamkuhi Road00:0400:05Right Time189 km
36Gauri Shri Ram H00:1600:17Right Time195 km
37Dudahi00:2800:35Right Time201 km
38Chaf H00:4200:43Right Time206 km
39Kath Kuiyan00:5100:53Right Time212 km
40Padrauna01:1301:15Right Time220 km
41Barharaganj01:3301:35Right Time227 km
42Ramkola01:5001:52Right Time235 km
43Lakshmiganj02:0102:03Right Time242 km
44Mathia Barghat H02:1302:14Right Time246 km
45Kaptanganj Jn02:3002:35Right Time252 km
46Bodarwar02:5302:55Right Time260 km
47Pipraich03:0903:12Right Time271 km
48Unaula03:3803:40Right Time280 km
49Gorakhpur Cant04:0304:05Right Time287 km
50Gorakhpur04:30Right Time291 km