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55012 GKP SV PASS Running status

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EExpected18:30 24 Apr 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Gorakhpur18:30Right TimeYet to start
2Gorakhpur Cant18:4318:45Right Time3 km
3Kusmhi18:5418:56Right Time13 km
4Sardarnagar F19:0219:04Right Time19 km
5Chauri Chaura19:1019:12Right Time24 km
6Gauri Bazar19:2119:23Right Time34 km
7Baitalpur19:3119:33Right Time42 km
8Deoria Sadar19:5019:55Right Time49 km
9Ahalyapur F20:0020:01Right Time55 km
10Nunkhar20:0820:10Right Time63 km
11Bhatni Jn20:2520:50Right Time70 km
12Nonapar F20:5520:56Right Time75 km
13Bhatpar Rani21:0321:05Right Time83 km
14Bankata21:1221:14Right Time91 km
15Mairwa21:2621:28Right Time97 km
16Karchhue H21:3521:36Right Time103 km
17Jiradei21:5621:58Right Time108 km
18Siwan Jn22:20Right Time119 km