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55017 CPR MAU PASS Running status

Departure17:25 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated12 Dec 2018 10:15
1Chhapra17:25Right TimeYet to start
2Gautam Sthan17:3417:35Right Time9 km
3Revelganj Ghat H17:3917:41Right Time11 km
4Manjhi F17:4817:49Right Time16 km
5Bakulha17:5517:56Right Time22 km
6Suraimanpur18:0918:10Right Time28 km
7Dal Chapra F18:2118:22Right Time34 km
8Reoti18:2918:30Right Time39 km
9Sahatwar18:3818:39Right Time47 km
10Chhata Aschaura H18:4418:45Right Time52 km
11Bansdih Road18:5018:51Right Time56 km
12Ballia19:1519:25Right Time65 km
13Sagarpali19:3119:33Right Time70 km
14Phephna Jn19:4119:43Right Time75 km
15Jigni Khas H19:5119:52Right Time81 km
16Chilkahar19:5820:00Right Time86 km
17Sanwara H20:0720:08Right Time91 km
18Rasra20:1620:18Right Time98 km
19Rajmalpur Road H20:2720:28Right Time105 km
20Ratanpura20:4320:45Right Time111 km
21Haldharpur F21:0021:01Right Time121 km
22Indara Jn21:1521:20Right Time126 km
23Mau Jn21:40Right Time134 km