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55020 GKP CPR PASS Running status

Departure08:30 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated19 Oct 2018 2:15
1Gorakhpur08:30Right TimeYet to start
2Gorakhpur Cant08:4408:45Right Time3 km
3Kusmhi08:5408:56Right Time13 km
4Sardarnagar F09:0209:04Right Time19 km
5Chauri Chaura09:1009:12Right Time25 km
6Gauri Bazar09:2109:23Right Time34 km
7Baitalpur09:3109:33Right Time43 km
8Deoria Sadar09:4309:45Right Time49 km
9Ahalyapur F09:5309:55Right Time56 km
10Nunkhar10:0310:05Right Time63 km
11Bhatni Jn10:4010:45Right Time70 km
12Nonapar F10:5010:51Right Time75 km
13Bhatpar Rani10:5811:00Right Time83 km
14Bankata11:0811:10Right Time91 km
15Mairwa11:2311:24Right Time98 km
16Karchhue H11:3211:33Right Time104 km
17Jiradei11:3811:40Right Time109 km
18Siwan Jn12:1312:20Right Time119 km
19Pachrukhi12:2612:28Right Time128 km
20Duraundha Jn12:3612:38Right Time137 km
21Chainwa12:4612:48Right Time145 km
22Mahendranath H12:5412:55Right Time147 km
23Ekma12:5913:01Right Time152 km
24Daudpur13:1113:13Right Time161 km
25Kopa Samhota13:3213:34Right Time169 km
26Tek Newas13:5313:55Right Time176 km
27Chhapra14:20Right Time180 km