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55021 SPJ SV PASS Running status

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Samastipur Jn-SPJ
EExpected16:00 24 Apr 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Samastipur Jn16:00Right TimeYet to start
2Karpoorigram16:1016:11Right Time6 km
3Khudiram Bose Pusa16:2016:21Right Time13 km
4Dubaha16:3016:31Right Time20 km
5Dholi16:3916:40Right Time26 km
6Siho16:4816:49Right Time33 km
7Silaut16:5716:58Right Time39 km
8Narayanpur Anant17:0717:08Right Time46 km
9Muzaffarpur Jn17:2517:35Right Time51 km
10Ram Dayalu Nagar17:4417:45Right Time57 km
11Turki17:5817:59Right Time65 km
12Kurhani18:2018:21Right Time71 km
13Goraul18:2918:30Right Time77 km
14Benipatti Pirapur18:3818:39Right Time81 km
15Bhagwanpur18:4518:46Right Time85 km
16Bithauli F18:5718:58Right Time90 km
17Sarai19:0419:05Right Time94 km
18Ghoshawar19:1619:17Right Time100 km
19Hajipur Jn19:3019:35Right Time105 km
20Sonpur Jn19:4519:50Right Time111 km
21Parmanandpur F19:5920:00Right Time117 km
22Nayagaon20:0720:08Right Time122 km
23Sitalpur20:1720:18Right Time129 km
24Dighwara20:2520:26Right Time134 km
25Awatarnagar F20:3520:36Right Time139 km
26Panchpatia Deoria Halt20:4220:43Right Time142 km
27Bara Gopal20:4820:49Right Time144 km
28Dumri Juara20:5820:59Right Time149 km
29Goldinganj21:1521:16Right Time153 km
30Chhapra Kachehri21:2621:28Right Time162 km
31Chhapra21:3521:45Right Time164 km
32Tek Newas21:5221:53Right Time169 km
33Kopa Samhota21:5922:00Right Time175 km
34Daudpur22:0822:09Right Time184 km
35Ekma22:1722:18Right Time192 km
36Mahendranath H22:2322:24Right Time197 km
37Chainwa22:2822:29Right Time199 km
38Duraundha Jn22:4222:43Right Time207 km
39Pachrukhi22:5522:56Right Time217 km
40Siwan Jn23:20Right Time225 km