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55032 DAL JEA PASS Running status

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Daliganj Jn-DAL
EExpected17:25 24 May 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Daliganj Jn17:25Right TimeYet to start
2Badshahnagar17:3317:35Right Time4 km
3Gomtinagar F17:4017:42Right Time8 km
4Malhour17:5717:58Right Time12 km
5Jugaur18:0418:05Right Time18 km
6Safedabad18:1118:12Right Time21 km
7Barabanki Jn18:2318:25Right Time28 km
8Jahangirabad Raj18:3118:33Right Time36 km
9Rafinagar F18:4018:41Right Time43 km
10Bindaura18:4518:47Right Time46 km
11Burhwal Jn18:5718:59Right Time56 km
12Chowka Ghat19:0519:07Right Time61 km
13Ghaghara Ghat19:1519:17Right Time67 km
14Jarwal Road19:2219:24Right Time71 km
15Sarju19:3219:34Right Time81 km
16Colonelganj19:4319:45Right Time88 km
17Kasturi H19:5619:57Right Time94 km
18Maijapur20:0820:10Right Time99 km
19Kathola H20:1720:18Right Time105 km
20Gonda Kachahri20:4820:50Right Time112 km
21Gonda Jn21:3022:45Right Time117 km
22Subhagpur22:5722:59Right Time123 km
23Intiyathok23:1523:17Right Time137 km
24Bhawanipur Kalan23:2523:27Right Time145 km
25Balrampur23:3523:37Right Time156 km
26Jharkhandi F23:4223:44Right Time159 km
27Gainjahwa23:5123:53Right Time166 km
28Kauwapur00:0100:03Right Time175 km
29Lakshmanpur H00:0800:10Right Time179 km
30Tulsipur00:2500:27Right Time186 km
31Laiburwa H00:3400:36Right Time191 km
32Gainsari Jn00:4300:45Right Time199 km
33Pachperwa01:0301:05Right Time208 km
34Trilokpur H01:1401:16Right Time216 km
35Barhni01:4001:42Right Time224 km
36Mahadeva Buzurg Halt01:4801:49Right Time230 km
37Parsa01:5802:00Right Time236 km
38Mahtha Bazar Halt02:0702:08Right Time241 km
39Shohratgarh02:1302:15Right Time246 km
40Chilhia02:2202:24Right Time252 km
41Ahirauli Halt02:3202:33Right Time258 km
42Naugarh02:4002:45Right Time264 km
43Uska Bazar02:5202:54Right Time274 km
44Brijmanganj03:0203:04Right Time282 km
45Lehra F03:1003:11Right Time287 km
46Anand Nagar03:2503:30Right Time296 km
47Loharpurwa H03:3503:36Right Time299 km
48Campierganj03:4403:46Right Time304 km
49Ramchaura H03:5103:52Right Time307 km
50Mahawan Khor H03:5603:57Right Time310 km
51Rawatganj F04:0204:03Right Time312 km
52Peppeganj04:2404:26Right Time315 km
53Kauria Jungle H04:3604:37Right Time321 km
54Maniram04:4804:50Right Time327 km
55Nakaha Jungle05:15Right Time331 km