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55049 JEA DAL PASS Running status

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Nakaha Jungle-JEA
EExpected22:45 26 Apr 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Nakaha Jungle22:45Right TimeYet to start
2Maniram22:5522:57Right Time4 km
3Kauria Jungle H23:0323:04Right Time10 km
4Peppeganj23:1523:17Right Time16 km
5Rawatganj F23:2123:22Right Time19 km
6Mahawan Khor H23:2623:27Right Time21 km
7Ramchaura H23:3123:32Right Time24 km
8Campierganj23:3723:39Right Time27 km
9Loharpurwa H23:4523:46Right Time32 km
10Anand Nagar23:5223:57Right Time35 km
11Lehra F00:0800:09Right Time44 km
12Brijmanganj00:1400:16Right Time49 km
13Uska Bazar00:2400:26Right Time57 km
14Naugarh00:3500:40Right Time67 km
15Ahirauli Halt00:4600:47Right Time72 km
16Chilhia00:5400:56Right Time79 km
17Shohratgarh01:0901:11Right Time85 km
18Mahtha Bazar Halt01:1701:18Right Time90 km
19Parsa01:2401:26Right Time95 km
20Mahadeva Buzurg Halt01:3301:34Right Time100 km
21Barhni01:4001:45Right Time107 km
22Trilokpur H01:5301:54Right Time115 km
23Pachperwa02:0202:04Right Time122 km
24Gainsari Jn02:1402:16Right Time131 km
25Laiburwa H02:2402:25Right Time140 km
26Tulsipur02:3802:40Right Time145 km
27Lakshmanpur H02:4702:48Right Time152 km
28Kauwapur03:0303:05Right Time156 km
29Gainjahwa03:1803:20Right Time165 km
30Jharkhandi F03:2703:29Right Time172 km
31Balrampur03:3703:39Right Time175 km
32Bhawanipur Kalan03:4803:49Right Time186 km
33Intiyathok04:0304:05Right Time193 km
34Subhagpur04:2604:28Right Time208 km
35Gonda Jn05:0005:35Right Time214 km
36Gonda Kachahri05:4505:47Right Time219 km
37Kathola H05:5305:54Right Time225 km
38Maijapur06:0006:02Right Time232 km
39Kasturi H06:0806:09Right Time237 km
40Colonelganj06:1306:15Right Time242 km
41Sarju06:2506:27Right Time250 km
42Jarwal Road06:3506:37Right Time259 km
43Ghaghara Ghat06:4206:44Right Time264 km
44Chowka Ghat06:5006:52Right Time269 km
45Burhwal Jn07:0407:06Right Time275 km
46Bindaura07:1407:16Right Time285 km
47Rafinagar F07:2207:23Right Time288 km
48Jahangirabad Raj07:2807:30Right Time294 km
49Barabanki Jn07:5107:53Right Time302 km
50Safedabad08:0408:05Right Time309 km
51Jugaur08:1208:13Right Time313 km
52Malhour08:2408:26Right Time319 km
53Gomtinagar F08:3508:37Right Time323 km
54Badshahnagar08:4608:48Right Time327 km
55Daliganj Jn09:20Right Time331 km