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55079 BTH GKP PASS Running status

Arrival11:17 Right Time
Departure11:22 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated14 Feb 2019 2:15
1Bettiah08:45Right TimeYet to start
2Prajapati Halt08:4908:50Right Time3 km
3Kumarbagh08:5708:58Right Time10 km
4Chanpatia09:0709:08Right Time17 km
5Rameshwar Nagar09:1509:16Right Time22 km
6Sathi09:2409:26Right Time26 km
7Musharwa Halt09:3309:34Right Time31 km
8Narkatiaganj Jn10:0510:10Right Time37 km
9Chamua10:1610:18Right Time44 km
10Harinagar10:3210:34Right Time52 km
11Bhairoganj10:4410:46Right Time60 km
12Kharpokhra10:5410:56Right Time69 km
13Bagaha11:1711:22Right Time78 km
14Awasani (Halt)11:2911:30Right Time83 km
15Valmikinagar Rd11:4711:49Right Time88 km
16Paniya Hawa12:1512:17Right Time101 km
17Khada12:2812:30Right Time107 km
18Gurli Ramgarhwa12:4312:44Right Time116 km
19Siswa Bazar12:4912:51Right Time122 km
20Ghughuli13:0113:03Right Time133 km
21Khushal Nagar13:0913:10Right Time140 km
22Kaptanganj Jn13:2613:31Right Time148 km
23Bodarwar13:3913:41Right Time156 km
24Mahuawa Khurd13:5213:53Right Time160 km
25Pipraich14:0014:01Right Time167 km
26Unaula14:1214:14Right Time176 km
27Gorakhpur Cant14:4314:45Right Time184 km
28Gorakhpur15:00Right Time187 km