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55120 BCY GKP PASS Running status

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Varanasi City-BCY
EExpected11:25 24 May 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update23 May 2018 14:42
Yet to start
1Varanasi City11:25Right TimeYet to start
2Sarnath11:3411:36Right Time6 km
3Kadipur11:4511:47Right Time16 km
4Rajawari11:5411:55Right Time22 km
5Aunrihar Jn12:0512:10Right Time31 km
6Mahpur12:1812:20Right Time40 km
7Sadat12:2812:30Right Time49 km
8Hurmujpur H12:5612:58Right Time55 km
9Jakhanian13:0213:04Right Time59 km
10Dullahapur13:1413:16Right Time67 km
11Nayak Dih H13:2313:24Right Time73 km
12Pipridih13:3713:39Right Time78 km
13Paniara H13:5013:51Right Time82 km
14Mau Jn14:0014:05Right Time88 km
15Indara Jn14:1514:17Right Time96 km
16Chakra Road H14:2714:28Right Time102 km
17Kiriharapur14:3514:37Right Time110 km
18Gobindpur Dugauli H14:4414:45Right Time116 km
19Belthara Road14:5314:55Right Time124 km
20Turtipar F15:0915:10Right Time130 km
21Lar Road15:1515:17Right Time137 km
22Salempur Jn15:4115:43Right Time146 km
23Peokol H15:5515:56Right Time151 km
24Bhatni Jn16:2516:30Right Time156 km
25Nunkhar17:0817:10Right Time164 km
26Ahalyapur F17:1617:17Right Time171 km
27Deoria Sadar17:2317:25Right Time177 km
28Baitalpur18:3818:40Right Time184 km
29Gauri Bazar18:5819:00Right Time193 km
30Chauri Chaura19:1319:15Right Time202 km
31Sardarnagar F19:4319:45Right Time207 km
32Kusmhi19:5820:00Right Time213 km
33Gorakhpur Cant20:2320:25Right Time223 km
34Gorakhpur21:25Right Time227 km