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55131 CPR BCY PASS Running status

Departure07:30 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated21 Oct 2018 2:15
1Chhapra07:30Right TimeYet to start
2Gautam Sthan07:4307:45Right Time9 km
3Revelganj Ghat H07:5007:51Right Time11 km
4Manjhi F07:5807:59Right Time16 km
5Bakulha08:1308:15Right Time22 km
6Suraimanpur08:2608:28Right Time28 km
7Dal Chapra F08:3208:33Right Time34 km
8Reoti08:5608:58Right Time39 km
9Sahatwar09:0609:08Right Time47 km
10Chhata Aschaura H09:2009:21Right Time52 km
11Bansdih Road09:2809:30Right Time56 km
12Ballia09:4509:53Right Time65 km
13Sagarpali09:5810:00Right Time70 km
14Phephna Jn10:1310:15Right Time75 km
15Chit Baragaon10:2110:23Right Time82 km
16Tajpur Dehma10:3010:32Right Time89 km
17Karimuddinpur10:4310:45Right Time97 km
18Dhondha Dih10:5811:00Right Time104 km
19Yusufpur11:1211:14Right Time111 km
20Shahbaz Kuli11:2511:27Right Time118 km
21FPAW11:3611:37Right Time122 km
22Ghazipur Ghat F11:4411:45Right Time126 km
23Ghazipur City11:5011:55Right Time130 km
24Ankuspur12:0612:08Right Time138 km
25Saheri H12:1912:20Right Time142 km
26Nandganj12:2612:28Right Time148 km
27Basuchak Halt12:3412:35Right Time154 km
28Taraon12:4812:50Right Time158 km
29Saiyedpur Bhitri13:0813:10Right Time166 km
30Aunrihar Jn13:5313:58Right Time170 km
31Rajawari14:0814:10Right Time179 km
32Kadipur14:2314:25Right Time185 km
33Sarnath14:4314:45Right Time195 km
34Varanasi City15:30Right Time202 km