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55134 BCY BUI PASS Running status

Departure16:10 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated20 Oct 2018 2:15
1Varanasi City16:10Right TimeYet to start
2Sarnath16:1916:21Right Time7 km
3Kadipur16:3016:32Right Time17 km
4Rajawari16:3816:40Right Time23 km
5Aunrihar Jn16:5517:00Right Time31 km
6Saiyedpur Bhitri17:0717:09Right Time36 km
7Taraon17:1617:18Right Time44 km
8Basuchak Halt17:2417:25Right Time48 km
9Nandganj17:4017:42Right Time54 km
10Saheri H17:4917:50Right Time60 km
11Ankuspur18:0318:05Right Time64 km
12Ghazipur City18:2018:25Right Time71 km
13Ghazipur Ghat F18:3018:31Right Time75 km
14Shahbaz Kuli18:5618:58Right Time84 km
15Yusufpur19:0519:07Right Time91 km
16Dhondha Dih19:1519:17Right Time98 km
17Karimuddinpur19:2919:31Right Time105 km
18Tajpur Dehma19:4119:43Right Time112 km
19Chit Baragaon19:5119:53Right Time120 km
20Phephna Jn20:1220:14Right Time126 km
21Sagarpali20:2320:25Right Time131 km
22Ballia20:45Right Time137 km