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55149 GKP BCY PASS Running status

Departure23:20 Right Time
Platform 6
Yet to start
Updated18 Jan 2019 2:15
1Gorakhpur23:20Right TimeYet to start
2Gorakhpur Cant23:3123:33Right Time3 km
3Sardarnagar F23:4623:48Right Time19 km
4Chauri Chaura23:5423:56Right Time25 km
5Gauri Bazar00:0500:07Right Time34 km
6Baitalpur00:1600:18Right Time43 km
7Deoria Sadar00:4500:50Right Time49 km
8Ahalyapur F01:0401:05Right Time56 km
9Nunkhar01:1301:15Right Time63 km
10Bhatni Jn01:4502:00Right Time70 km
11Salempur Jn02:0902:11Right Time81 km
12Lar Road02:2002:22Right Time90 km
13Turtipar F02:2902:30Right Time96 km
14Belthara Road02:3602:38Right Time103 km
15Kiriharapur02:5002:52Right Time117 km
16Indara Jn03:0803:10Right Time130 km
17Mau Jn03:2503:30Right Time138 km
18Pipridih03:3803:40Right Time149 km
19Dullahapur03:5003:52Right Time159 km
20Jakhanian04:0004:02Right Time168 km
21Sadat04:1304:15Right Time177 km
22Mahpur04:2804:30Right Time187 km
23Aunrihar Jn05:0805:13Right Time196 km
24Rajawari05:2605:28Right Time204 km
25Kadipur05:3505:37Right Time210 km
26Sarnath05:4805:50Right Time221 km
27Varanasi City06:25Right Time227 km