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55223 KIR DBG PASS Running status

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Katihar Jn-KIR
EExpected12:15 26 May 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Katihar Jn12:15Right TimeYet to start
2Semapur12:2912:30Right Time11 km
3Karagola Road12:4312:44Right Time22 km
4Bakhri12:5312:54Right Time29 km
5Kursela13:0413:05Right Time39 km
6Katareah13:1913:20Right Time45 km
7Naugachia13:3613:37Right Time56 km
8Kharik13:4613:47Right Time64 km
9Thana Bihpur Jn14:0314:05Right Time72 km
10Narayanpur14:1314:14Right Time80 km
11Bharat Khand14:2214:23Right Time88 km
12Pasraha14:3214:33Right Time92 km
13Gauchhari14:4414:45Right Time100 km
14Mahesh Khunt14:5214:53Right Time104 km
15Chedhabanni H15:0015:01Right Time110 km
16Mansi Jn15:3015:35Right Time115 km
17Khagaria Jn.15:4515:50Right Time124 km
18Umeshnagar15:5715:58Right Time131 km
19Sahibpur Kml Jn16:2316:24Right Time137 km
20Lakhminia16:3616:37Right Time146 km
21Danauli Phulwaria16:4416:45Right Time151 km
22Lakho16:5316:54Right Time157 km
23Begu Sarai17:1117:13Right Time164 km
24Tilrath17:2517:26Right Time171 km
25Bihat H17:3217:33Right Time175 km
26Barauni Jn17:5018:20Right Time179 km
27Barauni F18:2518:26Right Time182 km
28Teghra18:3318:34Right Time187 km
29Bachwara Jn18:4818:49Right Time196 km
30Sathajagat18:5919:00Right Time202 km
31Dalsingh Sarai19:0819:09Right Time207 km
32Nazirganj19:3219:33Right Time215 km
33Ujiarpur19:4319:44Right Time221 km
34Samastipur Jn20:3020:40Right Time230 km
35Muktapur20:4620:48Right Time234 km
36Kishanpur20:5520:57Right Time240 km
37Rambhaddarpur21:0421:06Right Time247 km
38Haiaghat21:1521:17Right Time252 km
39Thalwara21:2521:27Right Time257 km
40Laheria Sarai21:3621:41Right Time263 km
41Darbhanga Jn21:57Right Time268 km