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55615 GHY SCL PASS Running status

Departure23:55 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated16 Jan 2019 2:15
1Guwahati23:55Right TimeYet to start
2Hojai02:1302:15Right Time136 km
3Lanka02:5202:54Right Time151 km
4Lumding Jn05:0505:30Right Time181 km
5Manderdisa05:4505:46Right Time191 km
6Hatikhali06:0106:02Right Time201 km
7Dibolong06:1306:14Right Time208 km
8Langting06:3006:32Right Time220 km
9Dihakho06:4506:46Right Time229 km
10Mupa06:5907:00Right Time236 km
11Kalachand07:0907:10Right Time240 km
12Maibang07:1807:20Right Time245 km
13Wadrengdisa07:3407:35Right Time252 km
14Daotuhaja07:4307:48Right Time255 km
15Phiding08:0808:09Right Time265 km
16Mahur08:2008:25Right Time270 km
17Migrendisa08:3908:40Right Time275 km
18New Haflong09:0009:10Right Time280 km
19Jatinga Lumpur09:3009:32Right Time291 km
20New Harangajao10:0010:02Right Time301 km
21Ditokcherra10:2610:27Right Time309 km
22Bandarkhal10:4010:41Right Time313 km
23Damchara11:1011:11Right Time322 km
24Chandranathpur11:2511:26Right Time331 km
25Bihara11:3411:36Right Time335 km
26Hilara11:4411:45Right Time340 km
27Sukritipur11:5511:56Right Time345 km
28Badarpur Jn12:2012:45Right Time351 km
29Panchgram12:5712:59Right Time356 km
30Katakhal Jn13:0813:10Right Time361 km
31Salchapra13:2013:22Right Time366 km
32Arunachal13:3413:36Right Time374 km
33Silchar14:00Right Time381 km