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56227 SBC SMET PASS Running status

Arrival17:10 Right Time
Departure17:11 Right Time
Platform 2
Yet to start
Updated18 Jan 2019 2:15
1Ksr Bengaluru16:30Right TimeYet to start
2Malleswaram16:3516:36Right Time3 km
3Yasvantpur Jn16:4116:43Right Time5 km
4Chikbanavar16:5116:52Right Time13 km
5Soldevanahalli H16:5516:56Right Time16 km
6Golhalli17:0417:05Right Time26 km
7Bhairanayakanahalli H17:1017:11Right Time33 km
8Dodbele17:1517:16Right Time37 km
9Muddalinganahalli H17:2217:23Right Time44 km
10Nidvanda17:2617:27Right Time46 km
11Dobbspet H17:3017:31Right Time49 km
12Hirehalli17:4017:41Right Time58 km
13Kyatsandra17:5017:51Right Time64 km
14Tumkur18:0418:05Right Time69 km
15Heggere H18:0918:10Right Time75 km
16Mallasandra18:1918:20Right Time79 km
17Gubbi18:3018:31Right Time87 km
18Nittur18:4118:42Right Time96 km
19Sampige Road18:5218:53Right Time107 km
20Ammasandra18:5919:00Right Time113 km
21Banasandra19:0619:07Right Time119 km
22Aralaguppe H19:1119:12Right Time124 km
23Kardi19:1919:20Right Time129 km
24Bana Shankari H19:2419:25Right Time135 km
25Tiptur19:3919:40Right Time140 km
26Shri Sharda Nagar19:4419:45Right Time142 km
27Honnavalli Road19:5419:55Right Time152 km
28Adihalli19:5920:00Right Time157 km
29Arsikere Jn20:3520:40Right Time165 km
30Banavar20:5420:55Right Time181 km
31Devanur21:0421:05Right Time188 km
32Ballekere H21:1921:20Right Time198 km
33Kadur21:2821:30Right Time205 km
34Birur Jn21:4321:45Right Time211 km
35Sivapur21:5922:00Right Time221 km
36Koranahalli H22:0422:05Right Time226 km
37Tarikere22:1822:20Right Time235 km
38Masarahalli22:3422:35Right Time250 km
39Bhadravati22:4322:45Right Time255 km
40Shivamogga H22:5923:00Right Time271 km
41Shivamogga Town23:50Right Time274 km