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56264 MYSORE PASS Running status

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Ksr Bengaluru-SBC
EExpected23:55 24 Apr 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Ksr Bengaluru23:55Right TimeYet to start
2Nayandahalli00:1100:12Right Time7 km
3Kengeri00:2100:22Right Time12 km
4Hejjala00:3100:32Right Time23 km
5Bidadi00:3900:40Right Time29 km
6Ramanagaram00:5400:55Right Time44 km
7Channapatna01:0801:10Right Time55 km
8Settihalli01:1701:18Right Time62 km
9Maddur01:2901:30Right Time73 km
10Hanakere01:3901:40Right Time82 km
11Mandya02:0802:10Right Time92 km
12Yeliyur02:1902:20Right Time100 km
13Byadrahalli02:2902:30Right Time109 km
14Pandavapura02:4402:45Right Time118 km
15Shrirangapatna02:5803:00Right Time123 km
16Naganahalli03:1903:20Right Time129 km
17Mysore Jn04:00Right Time138 km