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56267 ASK MYS PASS Running status

Arrival05:53 Right Time
Departure05:55 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated15 Oct 2018 2:15
1Arsikere Jn05:00Right TimeYet to start
2Habanghatta05:1305:14Right Time11 km
3Bageshapura05:2905:30Right Time26 km
4Hassan05:5305:55Right Time47 km
5Mavinkere06:1606:17Right Time68 km
6Hole Narsipur06:3106:33Right Time79 km
7Annechakanahalli H06:4106:42Right Time88 km
8Sravanur H06:4506:46Right Time92 km
9Mandagere07:0307:05Right Time98 km
10Birahalli H07:1007:11Right Time106 km
11Akkihebbalu07:1907:20Right Time111 km
12Hosa Agrahara07:2907:30Right Time117 km
13Arjunahalli H07:3507:36Right Time122 km
14Hampapura07:4407:45Right Time128 km
15Krishnarajanagar08:0608:08Right Time133 km
16Dornahalli08:1108:12Right Time137 km
17Sagarakatte08:1908:20Right Time143 km
18Kallur Yedahalli H08:2408:25Right Time147 km
19Krishnarajasagara08:3108:32Right Time154 km
20Belagula08:4708:48Right Time157 km
21Mysore Jn09:25Right Time167 km