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56319 NCJ CBE FAST PASS Running status

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Nagarcoil Jn-NCJ
EExpected07:10 26 May 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Nagarcoil Jn07:10Right TimeYet to start
2Tovalai07:1807:19Right Time9 km
3Aralvaymoli07:2407:25Right Time12 km
4N Panakudi07:3507:36Right Time23 km
5Valliyur07:4607:47Right Time31 km
6Nanguneri07:5807:59Right Time45 km
7Sengulam08:1008:11Right Time58 km
8Melappalaiyam08:2208:23Right Time69 km
9Tirunelveli09:2509:30Right Time73 km
10Talaiyuthu09:4109:42Right Time80 km
11Vanchi Maniyachchi Jn09:5810:00Right Time102 km
12Kadambur10:1310:14Right Time116 km
13Kovilpatti10:3410:35Right Time138 km
14Satur10:5410:55Right Time159 km
15Virudunagar Jn11:4311:45Right Time186 km
16Tirumangalam12:1412:15Right Time212 km
17Tiruparankundram12:2912:30Right Time223 km
18Madurai Jn12:5513:00Right Time229 km
19Sholavandan13:2413:25Right Time251 km
20Kodaikkanal Road13:4413:45Right Time270 km
21Ambaturai14:0414:05Right Time284 km
22Dindigul Jn14:2514:30Right Time295 km
23Eriodu14:5114:52Right Time316 km
24Palaiyam I15:1415:15Right Time340 km
25Velliyanai15:2915:30Right Time354 km
26Karur16:0816:12Right Time369 km
27Pugalur16:3416:35Right Time384 km
28Kodumudi16:4916:50Right Time396 km
29Unjalur16:5917:00Right Time402 km
30Pasur17:1417:15Right Time416 km
31Erode Jn18:1518:25Right Time435 km
32Uttukuli18:5819:00Right Time471 km
33Tiruppur19:1219:15Right Time485 km
34Somanur19:3419:35Right Time502 km
35Irugur19:5419:55Right Time517 km
36Singanallur19:5920:00Right Time521 km
37Pilamedu20:0920:10Right Time526 km
38Coimbatore North Jn20:1920:20Right Time532 km
39Coimbatore Jn20:50Right Time535 km