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56501 HUBLI PASS Running status

Departure07:05 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated20 Sep 2018 2:15
1Vijayawada Jn07:05Right TimeYet to start
2Krishna Canal07:2407:25Right Time5 km
3Mangalagiri07:3507:36Right Time12 km
4Namburu07:4707:48Right Time23 km
5Pedakakani H07:5307:54Right Time26 km
6Guntur Jn08:1008:20Right Time33 km
7Nallapadu08:3608:37Right Time38 km
8Perecherla H08:4808:49Right Time44 km
9Phirangipuram08:5909:00Right Time54 km
10Nudurupadu H09:0809:09Right Time61 km
11Satulur09:1609:17Right Time67 km
12Narasaraopet09:3009:32Right Time78 km
13Munumaka09:3909:40Right Time86 km
14Santamagulur09:4709:48Right Time94 km
15Vellacheruvu09:5309:54Right Time98 km
16Savalyapuram10:0210:03Right Time106 km
17Vinukonda10:1610:17Right Time116 km
18Cheekategalapalem10:2410:25Right Time122 km
19Gundlakamma10:3910:40Right Time129 km
20Kurichedu10:5110:52Right Time140 km
21Potlapadu H10:5911:00Right Time147 km
22Donakonda11:2011:22Right Time153 km
23Gajjelakonda11:3511:36Right Time164 km
24Markapur Road11:5111:52Right Time177 km
25Tarlupadu12:0412:05Right Time189 km
26Cumbum12:2912:30Right Time203 km
27Jaggambhotla Krishnapuram12:4412:45Right Time210 km
28Somidevipalle12:5913:00Right Time222 km
29Gudimetta H13:0713:08Right Time226 km
30Giddalur13:2013:22Right Time234 km
31Kistamsettipalli13:2813:29Right Time239 km
32Diguvametta13:5914:00Right Time245 km
33Chalama14:2914:30Right Time262 km
34Gazulapalli14:3914:40Right Time273 km
35Nandyal16:1516:20Right Time287 km
36Panyam16:3216:34Right Time302 km
37Krishnammakona16:4616:47Right Time312 km
38Bugganapalle Cement Nagar16:5817:00Right Time321 km
39Betamcherla17:0717:09Right Time327 km
40Rangapuram17:1717:18Right Time338 km
41Malkapuram17:2917:30Right Time350 km
42Dhone Jn18:0018:05Right Time363 km
43Malliyala18:2118:22Right Time374 km
44Linganenidoddi18:3418:36Right Time382 km
45Pendekallu18:4218:44Right Time389 km
46Edduladoddi18:5518:56Right Time397 km
47Tuggali19:0619:07Right Time406 km
48Maddikera19:2819:30Right Time420 km
49Mallapa Gate H19:3919:40Right Time424 km
50Guntakal Jn20:4021:15Right Time432 km
51Bantanahal21:4321:45Right Time444 km
52Bevinahalu21:5321:55Right Time451 km
53Virapur22:0222:04Right Time459 km
54Hagari22:1222:13Right Time468 km
55Haddinagundu22:2122:23Right Time475 km
56Bellary Jn22:5022:55Right Time482 km
57Kudatini23:2423:25Right Time502 km
58Daroji23:3523:36Right Time509 km
59Toranagallu Jn23:4323:45Right Time515 km
60Hosapete Jn00:3500:40Right Time547 km
61Munirabad00:5000:52Right Time553 km
62Ginigera01:1501:16Right Time564 km
63Bhanapur01:3901:40Right Time587 km
64Gadag Jn03:1503:20Right Time632 km
65Annigeri03:4503:50Right Time655 km
66Hubballi Jn05:35Right Time691 km