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56502 UBL BZA PASSR Running status

Departure23:30 Right Time
Platform 2
Yet to start
Updated16 Aug 2018 0:05
1Hubballi Jn23:30Right TimeYet to start
2Sisvinhalli H23:5423:55Right Time23 km
3Annigeri00:0300:05Right Time35 km
4Gadag Jn00:3000:35Right Time58 km
5Bhanapur01:1901:20Right Time103 km
6Koppal01:3401:35Right Time115 km
7Ginigera01:4901:50Right Time127 km
8Munirabad02:0402:05Right Time137 km
9Hosapete Jn02:2002:25Right Time143 km
10Toranagallu Jn03:0903:10Right Time176 km
11Daroji03:1903:20Right Time182 km
12Kudatini03:2903:30Right Time189 km
13Bellary Jn04:3004:35Right Time209 km
14Haddinagundu04:4104:42Right Time215 km
15Hagari04:5004:51Right Time222 km
16Virapur05:0205:03Right Time231 km
17Bevinahalu05:1205:13Right Time240 km
18Bantanahal05:2005:21Right Time247 km
19Guntakal Jn06:0506:25Right Time259 km
20Mallapa Gate H06:3906:40Right Time266 km
21Maddikera06:4706:48Right Time271 km
22Tuggali07:0107:02Right Time285 km
23Edduladoddi07:0907:10Right Time293 km
24Pendekallu07:1907:20Right Time301 km
25Linganenidoddi07:2907:30Right Time308 km
26Malliyala07:3907:40Right Time317 km
27Dhone Jn08:1508:20Right Time327 km
28Malkapuram08:3308:34Right Time340 km
29Rangapuram08:4408:45Right Time352 km
30Betamcherla08:5408:55Right Time363 km
31Bugganapalle Cement Nagar09:0409:05Right Time370 km
32Krishnammakona09:1709:18Right Time379 km
33Panyam09:2909:30Right Time389 km
34Nandyal10:1010:15Right Time403 km
35Gazulapalli10:3110:32Right Time418 km
36Chalama10:4410:45Right Time429 km
37Diguvametta11:2111:22Right Time445 km
38Kistamsettipalli11:3111:32Right Time452 km
39Giddalur11:4511:47Right Time457 km
40Gudimetta H11:5711:58Right Time465 km
41Somidevipalle12:0812:09Right Time469 km
42Jaggambhotla Krishnapuram12:1812:19Right Time481 km
43Cumbum12:3112:32Right Time488 km
44Tarlupadu12:4712:48Right Time501 km
45Markapur Road13:0113:02Right Time514 km
46Gajjelakonda13:1513:16Right Time527 km
47Donakonda13:3613:37Right Time538 km
48Potlapadu H13:4413:45Right Time544 km
49Kurichedu13:5313:54Right Time551 km
50Gundlakamma14:0414:05Right Time562 km
51Cheekategalapalem14:1414:15Right Time568 km
52Vinukonda14:2814:30Right Time575 km
53Savalyapuram14:4914:50Right Time585 km
54Vellacheruvu14:5714:58Right Time593 km
55Santamagulur15:0515:06Right Time596 km
56Munumaka15:1515:16Right Time605 km
57Narasaraopet15:2815:30Right Time612 km
58Satulur15:4215:43Right Time623 km
59Nudurupadu H15:5215:53Right Time629 km
60Phirangipuram16:0016:01Right Time637 km
61Perecherla H16:1016:11Right Time646 km
62Nallapadu16:2016:21Right Time653 km
63Guntur Jn17:1017:20Right Time658 km
64Pedakakani H17:2717:28Right Time665 km
65Namburu17:3317:34Right Time667 km
66Mangalagiri17:4417:45Right Time679 km
67Krishna Canal17:5417:55Right Time685 km
68Vijayawada Jn19:10Right Time691 km