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56604 SRR CBE PASS Running status

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Shoranur Jn-SRR
EExpected09:30 24 Apr 2018
PDelayLate 1h 30m
Last Update22 Apr 2018 4:15
Yet to start
1Shoranur Jn08:00
Late 1h 30mYet to start
2Mannanur09:4109:42Late 1h 30m1 km
3Ottappalam09:4909:50Late 1h 30m8 km
4Palappuram09:5509:56Late 1h 30m11 km
5Lakkiti10:0010:01Late 1h 30m15 km
6Mankarai10:0710:08Late 1h 30m23 km
7Parli Kerala10:1410:15Late 1h 30m30 km
8Palakkad10:2010:30Late 1h 25m39 km
9Kanjikode10:4610:47Late 1h 25m53 km
10Walayar10:5911:00Late 1h 25m64 km
11Ettimadai11:1111:12Late 1h 25m73 km
12Madukarai11:1911:20Late 1h 25m78 km
13Podanur Jn11:3911:41Late 1h 11m87 km
14Coimbatore Jn12:01Late 1h 11m93 km