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56700 PUNALUR PASS Running status

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Madurai Jn-MDU
EExpected23:15 26 May 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Madurai Jn23:15Right TimeYet to start
2Tiruparankundram23:2423:25Right Time6 km
3Tirumangalam23:3423:35Right Time17 km
4Virudunagar Jn23:5523:57Right Time43 km
5Satur00:2100:22Right Time70 km
6Kovilpatti00:5400:55Right Time91 km
7Kadambur01:1401:15Right Time113 km
8Vanchi Maniyachchi Jn01:2901:30Right Time127 km
9Tirunelveli02:3002:45Right Time156 km
10Nanguneri03:2903:30Right Time184 km
11Valliyur03:4003:41Right Time198 km
12Aralvaymoli03:5904:00Right Time216 km
13Nagarcoil Jn04:3004:40Right Time229 km
14Eraniel05:0905:10Right Time248 km
15Palliyadi05:1905:20Right Time256 km
16Kulitthurai05:2705:28Right Time262 km
17Kulitturai West05:4605:47Right Time266 km
18Parassala05:5906:00Right Time271 km
19Neyyattinkara06:1206:13Right Time283 km
20Thiruvananthapuram Central06:4506:55Right Time300 km
21Trivandrum Pettah07:0107:02Right Time303 km
22Kochuveli07:0907:10Right Time307 km
23Veli H07:1507:16Right Time310 km
24Kazhakuttam07:2007:21Right Time314 km
25Kaniyapuram07:2607:27Right Time318 km
26Murukkampuzha07:3107:32Right Time322 km
27Perunguzhi07:3607:37Right Time325 km
28Chirayinkil07:4107:42Right Time329 km
29Kadakavur07:4607:47Right Time332 km
30Akathumuri H07:5107:52Right Time335 km
31Varkala08:0508:06Right Time341 km
32Edavai08:1008:11Right Time345 km
33Kappil08:1508:16Right Time348 km
34Paravur08:2008:21Right Time353 km
35Mayyanad08:2508:26Right Time356 km
36Iravipuram08:3108:32Right Time360 km
37Kollam Jn09:2009:30Right Time365 km
38Kilikollur09:3809:39Right Time371 km
39Chandanattop09:4309:44Right Time372 km
40Kundara09:5109:52Right Time378 km
41Kundara East09:5609:57Right Time380 km
42Ezhukone10:0210:03Right Time383 km
43Kottarakara10:1210:13Right Time389 km
44Kuri10:2210:23Right Time397 km
45Auvaneeswarem10:2910:30Right Time401 km
46Punalur11:05Right Time409 km