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56701 MADURAI PASSR Running status

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EExpected15:50 22 Apr 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Punalur15:50Right TimeYet to start
2Auvaneeswarem16:0016:01Right Time8 km
3Kuri16:0716:08Right Time11 km
4Kottarakara16:1816:19Right Time19 km
5Ezhukone16:2716:28Right Time26 km
6Kundara East16:3316:34Right Time29 km
7Kundara16:3816:39Right Time31 km
8Chandanattop16:4616:47Right Time36 km
9Kilikollur16:5116:52Right Time38 km
10Kollam Jn17:2518:10Right Time44 km
11Iravipuram18:1618:17Right Time48 km
12Mayyanad18:2318:24Right Time52 km
13Paravur18:2718:28Right Time56 km
14Kappil18:3218:33Right Time61 km
15Edavai18:3718:38Right Time63 km
16Varkala18:4318:44Right Time67 km
17Akathumuri H18:4918:50Right Time74 km
18Kadakavur18:5518:56Right Time76 km
19Chirayinkil19:0119:02Right Time79 km
20Perunguzhi19:0519:06Right Time83 km
21Murukkampuzha19:1119:12Right Time87 km
22Kaniyapuram19:1619:17Right Time91 km
23Kazhakuttam19:2219:23Right Time95 km
24Veli H19:2819:29Right Time99 km
25Kochuveli20:0020:01Right Time102 km
26Trivandrum Pettah20:0820:09Right Time106 km
27Thiruvananthapuram Central20:3020:35Right Time108 km
28Balaramapuram20:5220:53Right Time121 km
29Neyyattinkara20:5820:59Right Time125 km
30Dhanuvachapuram21:1421:15Right Time132 km
31Parassala21:2221:23Right Time138 km
32Kulitturai West21:2921:30Right Time143 km
33Kulitthurai21:3721:38Right Time146 km
34Palliyadi21:4421:45Right Time152 km
35Eraniel22:0022:01Right Time161 km
36Nagarcoil Jn22:3522:45Right Time179 km
37Aralvaymoli23:0023:01Right Time192 km
38Valliyur23:2023:21Right Time210 km
39Nanguneri23:3223:33Right Time224 km
40Tirunelveli00:3500:40Right Time253 km
41Naraikkinar00:5901:00Right Time275 km
42Vanchi Maniyachchi Jn01:0901:10Right Time281 km
43Kadambur01:2401:25Right Time295 km
44Kovilpatti01:4401:45Right Time318 km
45Satur02:0402:05Right Time339 km
46Virudunagar Jn03:1403:15Right Time366 km
47Tirumangalam04:0404:05Right Time392 km
48Tiruparankundram04:2904:30Right Time402 km
49Madurai Jn06:45Right Time409 km