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56712 PGTN TPJ FAST PASS Running status

Departure06:25 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated16 Jan 2019 2:15
1Palghat Town06:25Right TimeYet to start
2Palakkad06:3706:40Right Time4 km
3Kanjikode06:5706:58Right Time17 km
4Walayar07:0907:10Right Time29 km
5Ettimadai07:2107:22Right Time37 km
6Madukarai07:2907:30Right Time43 km
7Podanur Jn07:4907:50Right Time52 km
8Coimbatore Jn08:0508:10Right Time58 km
9Coimbatore North Jn08:1708:18Right Time61 km
10Pilamedu08:2408:25Right Time68 km
11Singanallur08:2908:30Right Time73 km
12Irugur08:3608:37Right Time76 km
13Somanur08:5208:53Right Time91 km
14Tiruppur09:0809:10Right Time109 km
15Erode Jn10:1510:25Right Time159 km
16Pasur10:4410:45Right Time178 km
17Kodumudi11:0411:05Right Time197 km
18Pugalur11:1611:17Right Time209 km
19Karur11:3711:40Right Time224 km
20Sithalavai11:5912:00Right Time246 km
21Kulitalai12:2412:25Right Time263 km
22Pettaivaytalai12:3412:35Right Time272 km
23Tiruchchirapalli Fort13:2313:25Right Time296 km
24Tiruchchirappalli Jn13:55Right Time300 km